Thursday, August 20, 2015

Water, Water, Water and Michael Jackson

Hello again, yes I'm back again with a few cards. Three of today's cards give us a look at water - ocean water to be precise and the 4th card - M. J.  himself, the King of Pop. Let's start with the Clonakilty Bay, Cork, Ireland card. Clonakilty is one of the chief towns in West Cork. The town of just over 4,700 is located at the head of the tidal bay. 5 kms from Clomakilty is Inchadoney and its fine sandy beach. The famous Irish resistance leader, Michael Collins was born just 6 kms from Clonakilty.

This card is from David , sent from his Irish holidays.  On the left is a single stamp issued on July 30th of this year. It commemorates Pearse's speech at the graveside of O'Donovan Rossa.  Rossa's life is well documented , but he is perhaps known best in death for the graveside oration given at his funeral by Padraig Pearse.  It ended with these words " Ireland unfree shall never be at peace ".  The stamp at right , issued on July 16th , is 1 of 4 in a set called Ireland - The Food Island.

My second card for this time shows Sveti Stefan, a small islet and hotel resort in Montenegro, about 6 km from Budva. Jobbo's card was posted in Perast, an old town on the Bay of Kotor. In 2003 its population was all of 349.

Jobbo used 2 copies of a stamp issued for Stamp Day, 2008.

Even though this next card arrived from Singapore, it shows a lovely beach scene in Malaysia. Looks to me like a great place to spend a week or two.

Mark used an ATM stamp from the City in a Garden issue.

The King of Pop is up next. Now I was never a big fan of Michael Jackson or his music, but I do admit to listening to his songs Billie Jean, Beat It and Thriller. I even owned a copy of the Thriller album, the best selling album of all time worldwide, selling over 65 million copies. I also can remember Jackson as a little kid singing in The Jackson Five.

How this card ended up in Finland - who knows. Tero used a 2015 stamp, 1 of 5 in a Summer souvenir sheet. Eating an ice cream cone certainly qualifies.

There you have it , another successful update. Thanks going out to David, Jobbo, Mark and Tero . Hope you can come back again - next time cards will be from the U.S., Mostar and Sri Lanka, and maybe a couple others. We'll see.

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