Friday, August 28, 2015

August Blog # 6

Well I do believe it's that time again - time for another blog posting. Let's start this day with Turkey- no not dinner, the country . The card shows an evening view of Kusadasi, a beach resort town on Turkey's western Aegean coast. It's a good jumping-off point for visiting the ruins at Ephesus. The town is also a major cruise ship stop, with a seafront promenade, hotels, restaurants and a marina.

Ana used 2 stamps from a few years ago on her card. On the left is a 2010 stamp honouring Mustafa Kemal Ataturk- the first President of Turkey. On the right is 1 of 8 stamps in a Tourism set, celebrating Turkish cities. This one showcases Izmir, the third most populous city after Istanbul and Ankara.

The beautiful and idyllic Faroe Islands is the subject of this next card , perhaps it's even Runavik, since that is where this card came from . But I'm not sure. The Faroe Islands have been in the news this year. They were voted No 1 as a travel destination for 2015 by National Geographic Traveler Magazine and their millions of readers and followers on social media. Here's an interesting fact to go along with my look at the Faroe Ialands - Irish monks , not vikings, are thought to have been the first settlers of the Faroe Islands.

Herbjorg at the tourist office in Runavik sent this card along. The card was stamped PP or Postpaid but also included 2 stamps from 1991. They made up a set of Sea Birds.

Now here is where I should be showing a card that arrived from France. It was sent by Jobbo but it is a little too risque for this blog  My definition of risque is "slightly indecent or liable to shock ".  I think this card meets that definition.  I never wanted to be a censor here but this is the first card I have received that I have not put up here. But as they say - It is what it is . I do want to thank Jobbo , just the same. It stays  in my collection, but well in the back.

A different card from France is next. Le Touquet. Le Touquet is a commune near Boulogne-sur-Mer in northern France. With a population of just over 5,300, it balloons to around  250,00 during the summer. It has the reputation as the most elegant holiday resort of northern France, the playground of rich Parisians. It looks like a great spot - guess I'll just have to look from afar.

Dominique used a 2014 stamp issued to honour the Martyrs of Tulle. TheTulle massacre  refers to the roundup and execution of civilians in the French town of Tulle  by the Nazi 2nd SS Panzer Division June 1944 . On 9 June 1944, after arresting all men between the ages of sixteen and sixty, the SS ordered 120 of the prisoners to be hanged, of whom 99 were actually hanged. In the days that followed, 149 men were sent to the Dachau concentration camp, where 101 lost their lives. In total, the actions of the Wehrmacht, the SS and the SD claimed the lives of 213 civilian residents of Tulle.

Now here's the Hungarian Parliament Building in Budapest. The Hungarian Parliament Building, also known as the Parliament of Budapest for being located in that city, is the seat of the National Assembly of Hungary, one of Europe's oldest legislative buildings, a notable landmark of Hungary and a popular tourist destination of Budapest. It lies in Lajos Kossuth Square, on the bank of the Danube. It is currently the largest building in Hungary and still the highest building in Budapest. 

Jean Pierre used 2 stamps from 2013. On the left is 1 of 2 issued for Stamp Day 2013. On the right is a Europa Stamp , 1 of 4 in a set showing Postal Transport Vehicles. 

The last card for today arrived from Singapore and shows The Penny Black - not the famous stamp but the pub in Singapore. It's a quintessential Victorian Public House with hearty London pub meals and a wide variety of beer on-tap , in a cosy English setting. 

Ravindra used just a beautiful and large stamp. It was issued in 2012 , with 2 stamps in the set called Gardens By The Bay. The 2nd stamp is just as beautiful as the one shown. 

This postcard was stamped and postmarked during " Singapore 2015 " - The World Stamp Exhibition , held in Singapore 14 -19 August. It must be great to attend a world Stamp Exhibition , if one is a stamp collector , of course. 

That's today's update. Thanks for cards go out to Ana, Herborg, Jobbo, Dominique , Jean Pierre and Ravindra. These were great cards indeed. Drop by again soon for more of the same - postcards and stamps. 

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