Thursday, August 13, 2015

Another August Update

Good August Day to you all. I have just a small group of cards for this time. Three in fact plus a cover  to look at. First the cards.
Burma or Myanmar - your choice but officially it is Myanmar. My postcard shows temples in a Bagan sunset. Bagan is an ancient city located in the Mandalay Region of Burma. From the 9th to 13th century, the city was the capital of the Kingdom of Pagan, the first kingdom to unify the regions that would later constitute modern Myanmar. Once an area of over 10,00 temples and pagodas, today there are still over 2,200 remaining. The area is seen by many as equal in attraction to Angkor Wat in Cambodia. I haven't been to either, so I leave it to those who have to decide if that is correct.

Daniel used a quite long stamp from 2011. It is 1 of 2 in a set showing Palaces.

Daniel has a great postcard blog called "Wax on Daniel-san--Postcards " and you can check it out  here . It's worth it.

Atlantic City, New Jersey, USA . Always wanted to go there on a holiday, maybe someday. Atlantic City is a resort city known for its casinos, boardwalk and beach. In fact the Atlantic City Boardwalk was the first boardwalk in the United States, having opened on June 26, 1870. Interesting fact about the city -- Atlantic City was the inspiration for the original version of the board game Monopoly.

Mike and Ashley used 2 stamps, both of them new to my U.S. collection. On the left is a 2011 stamp from a sheet of 16 different Go Green - Reduce the Environmental Footprint issue. On the right is a recent 2015 stamp commemorating the life and works of  Flannery O'Connor, the American writer and essayist. This stamp is the 30th in the Literary Arts series.

Here's the last card for today. Aye, Aye Captain or at least that's what I think she's saying. A sea going card from Bryansk, Russia. Bryansk is a city of just over 415,000 people located 379 km southwest of Moscow.

A Postcrosser named Elena used a rather large stamp which was issued this year. It commemorates the Capture of Koenigsberg and the 70th Anniversary of Victory in World War II.

Finally , I received a cover from Russia which I want to show , mostly for one of  the stamps. Here's the cover

The space stamp on the right is the one most interesting to me. It was issued in April of this year and commemorates the 50th Anniversary of the First Spacewalk by Alexey Leonov.

That 's it for this time . Thanks to Daniel, Mike & Ashley, Elena and also to Vladimir for the cover. Drop back again , my next cards will be from or about  Stephenville, Berlin,  Albuquerque, Barcelona and Bucharest along with one of Bran Castle. I can't wait for those , can you ?
Take care now .

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WaxonDanielsan said...

Happy to be of service and happy the card made it there -- relatively quickly too.

I thought it was a joke when I went to the post office and was handed those preposterously long ribbons of stamps. ;-)