Wednesday, May 28, 2014

Rainy Day Post # 2

Hello again postcard people. Good to have you back on the blog. Well, it another rainy day her in southern Alberta , so a perfect day for postcards. Today I have cards from India, Germany USA, and the Netherlands.

Let's start with the card from India. It shows a five metre tall statue dedicated to Nandi, who symbolizes the ultimate in loyalty and devotion to the Hindu God Shiva. The statue is located in Chamundi Hills, in South India. More than 350 years old, this is one of the oldest icons in the area.

A Postcrosser from Hyderabad sent this card along. He used a 2008 stamp featuring Rajiv Gandhi and a 2009 stamp featuring C.V. Rahman.

My next card comes from Leipzig, in the federal state of Saxony, Germany. It's a front on view of  the St. Alexy Memorial Church with the Russian Honour, a Russian Orthodox church in Leipzig. The church is a free replica of the 1530-1532 built Church of the Resurrection in Moscow. 

Karin-Ute used a strip of 3 of a flower definitive. 

Here's a card that arrived from a Postcrossing Meetup , held in Cologne, Germany , back on Feb 15, 2014. The card is signed by 11 Postcrossers from the area. It is an Official Postcrossing card sent by Shantalya. I leave you to decide on the theme or topic of the card. Here it is. 

The stamp on this one was issued in 2013. It celebrates the 50th Anniversary of the opening of the Fehmarn Sound Bridge. The 963 metre long structure connects the island of Fehmarn with the German mainland. 

That's 2 cards  from Germany, so here's another. It pictures a cablecar of the Nebelhornbahn in Oberstdorf, Germany.  The city in the Bavarian Alps is the most southern settlement in Germany.

Detlef used a regular stamp from 2002 along with a ATM stamp. The stamp on the left showcases the Voluntary Fire Corps and the Brandenburg Gate can be seen on the other. 

Not enough Germany yet ? I have room for one more. This one shows the  Villa Hügel , a mansion in Bredeney in Germany. It belonged to the Krupp family of industrialists and was built by Alfred Krupp in 1873 as a residence. The house has 269 rooms and occupies 8,100 m². It is situated in a 28-hectare  park that overlooks the River Ruhr.

Sabine used a 2013 stamp celebrating  Ludwig Leichhardt,  a Prussian explorer and naturalist, most famous for his exploration of northern and central Australia.

Bellingham, Washington, USA is on deck next. The card shows some graffiti on the side of a museum in Bellingham. The city  is acclaimed for its small-city flavor, easy access to outdoor opportunities in the San Juan Islands  as well as its proximity to the cosmopolitan cities of Vancouver ,  and Seattle . I'm not sure how I'd feel living in a city that has an unofficial motto in graffiti that reads  "City of Subdued Excitement ". Sabine wrote that the graffiti painting has been on the side of the building for years - she thinks most people agrees with the message and don't feel the need to repaint.

Theresa used a 2012 stamp from a set of 4 self adhesive Forever stamps. They are the Pixar Films : Mail Me A Smile issue. Not exactly my kettle of fish, if you know what I mean. 

And, finally we have Amsterdam Airport. Amsterdam Airport Schiphol is the main international airport of the Netherlands, located 20 minutes southwest of Amsterdam, in the municipality of Haarlemmermeer. It is the fourth busiest airport in Europe in terms of passengers.

Kitty used a stamp from a set of 6 issued in 2013. It is from the set called Borderless Netherlands-Belgium , Paintings. I'm not sure what that means, perhaps someone from the area will enlighten me.

That's the end for this time. It's still raining a little, but starting to brighten up somewhat. Thanks for cards this time going out to Suyasini, Karin-Ute, Shantalya, Detlef, Sabine, Theresa and Kitty. Thanks for dropping by and having a read. Hopefully you can come back again. Take care.

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