Thursday, May 8, 2014

May Odds and Ends

Welcome back, glad you could make it here again. My cards for this time are just odds and ends, no great theme or topic as such. Let's start with this square shaped card from the town of Domodedovo , located about 37 km south of Moscow. It is a Russian train moving along through winter. Note the plow on the front. Kind of reminds me a little of the movie Doctor Zhivago. With a much older train and more snow , of course. Good movie though. I know, I'm a little off  track ( pardon the pun ), but I can't help it , if  Dr. Zhivago was my first thought when I first saw the card.  Everyone sees different things. Anyway, here's the train in question.

Olesia used a couple of stamps. On the left is a 2009 self adhesive definitive from the Kremlin set of 12. The large stamp on the right is a recent 2014 issue showing some Russian Medal.

How about some cold mailboxes ? That's what I have next. If my mailbox looked like that , I think I'd just wait for the spring before checking for mail.

Susanna who lives in the small town of Askainen, in southwestern Finland sent this card along. Her small town had  only 931 people in 2003. She used a new 2014 Greeting Stamp from a booklet of 5 .

My next card is an airline card with a difference. It's a card for Singapore Airlines, but there is no airplane anywhere in sight. How does that work ? Here we have a young lady and a small boy viewed through the windows of a shop in Moscow. The card reads - Magical Moscow, Daily From Singapore and Houston. Singapore Airlines , A Great Way To Fly.

This is my 3rd card from Kayley. She used the same stamp on all 3. It's the fresh water turtle stamp again. I'm not showing it this time. 

Here's a local band from Belarus. Nice hats. I hear they still take bookings for weddings and Saturday night dances. 

Lena used a small Ornament definitive from a 2012 set of 2. 

Nice bike. This one is for all you bike postcard collectors out there. Olga who hails from the small town of Mytischi sent this card and wrote that she loves to ride her bike when the weather is warm.  Mytischi is  a city and the administrative center of Mytishchinsky District in Moscow Oblast, Russia, which lies to the northeast of Russia's capital Moscow, on the Yauza River and the Moscow–Yaroslavl railway. It has a population of just over 173,000. 

Olga used 3 great Russian stamps. Since I have been collecting postcards I have noticed the wonderful selection and quality of Russian stamps issued lately. These on Olga's card are no exception. On the left is a 2008 stamp issued for the New Year. In the center is a 2005 stamp issued for Blue Planet Earth. It is 1 of 6 in a set. Finally the one on the right highlights Costumes. It was issued in 2012. 

Perhaps my regular readers might recall  that I showed a postcard of the Penny, B.C. Post Office  back on March 22nd of this year. It was a picture of the post office in Winter, all snowed in. Today's card gives us a look at the same post office in the fall. 


Since the Penny Post Office was closed at the end of last year, this card has a Prince George B.C. postmark. Angie used a Superman stamp. It is 1 of 5 Superman stamps in a set issued on September 10th of 2013. The issued commemorated the 75th Anniversary of Superman. 

Just 2 more cards to go, so stay with me. Nuremberg Airport is the international airport of the Franconian metropolitan area of Nuremberg and the second-busiest airport in Bavaria. The airport is ranked 10th among German airports and 87th in Europe.On the card you can see the tower, parkade, an aircraft  hangar and an interior view of the airport. Also on the card is an Air Berlin aircraft.

Steffi , who lives near Nuremburg used some kind of ATM postage, showing the Brandenburg Gate in Berlin. I don't know much about this type of postage , so I'll just leave it at that.

And the final card is this : You have got to love fishing to do this. Here's a guy in Saint Petersburg, sitting on the frozen ice of River Neva, sitting in a plastic bag, ice fishing. For his sake, I hope it was fishing and not wishing.

Mila used a 2013 stamp issued for the 2014 Sochi Paralympic Winter Games .

That ends another update of cards . Thanks go out to Olesia, Susanna, Kelsey, Olga, Lena, Angie, Steffi and Mila for their fine contributions.  Thanks for readong and we'll be back here as soon as possible.

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