Friday, May 2, 2014

It's May - What Can I Say ?

Hello again. Today's cards come from Turkey, France, Singapore and Ukraine. Let's start with Turkey and a group of Whirling Dervishes in Konya.   Established in 1273, the Sufi Dervishes  are among the most famous symbols of Konya and Turkey.

Leslie, who lives in Ankara sent this card along. We have often swapped cards in the past. She has a great postcard blog called "the postcard blog ! ". A simple enough name for a postcard blog. You can check it our  here .  
Leslie used 2 great stamps, one large and one huge. The large one on the left was issued in 2013 and highlights the new International Airport under construction in Istanbul. It is due to begin operations in 2017. A nice Aviation stamp. The huge stamp on the right was also issued in 2013. It commemorates the opening of Marmaray Tunnels under the Bosphorus. It is the world's deepest immersed tube tunnel at 60.46 metres
 Alternately described as the long-lost link between Europe and Asia or the end of the city of Istanbul as we know it, the world's deepest underwater railway tunnel was opened on Oct. 29, 2013 under the Bosphorus, connecting two continents by rail for the first time.
A Big project like this requires a Big stamp and here it is . 

Flying in next is the latest postcard for my Airline / Aircraft Collection. This time it's an Air Austral B737, registration F-ONGB shown landing at Toulouse in 2010. Air Austral is a French airline  with its headquarters at Roland Garros Airport  in Sainte-Marie, Reunion, France The airline's main base of flight operations is Roland Garros Airport. It operates scheduled services from Réunion to metropolitan France,  South Africa, Thailand and India and a number of destinations in the Indian Ocean. The company has 900 employees and was formed in 1987.

Jean Pierre used 2 stamps which received a nice clear circular cancellation - often a rarity these days. On the left is a recent Marianne definitive, while on the right is a 2013 stamp commemorating the 2013 Savate French Kickboxing World Championships. Savate is a traditional French Martial Art which uses the hands and feet as weapons and where only foot kicks are allowed.

This next card arrived from France but appears to be the inside of a casino in Baden-Baden in Germany.  Baden-Baden is a spa town in the German state of Baden-Württemberg in southwestern Germany. It is located in the northern foothills of the Black Forest, on the banks of the Oos River in close proximity to France and Switzerland.

Dominique used 1 of 2 stamps in a Joint Issue between France and Denmark. It highlights a Trade Treaty between the 2 countries. It was issued in 2013. 

"Love The Life You Live, Live The Life You Love " . Just one of the many quotes of Bob Marley.   He
was a Jamaican reggae singer-songwriter and guitarist who achieved international fame and acclaim.  Starting out in 1963 with the group the Wailers, he forged a distinctive songwriting and vocal style that would later resonate with audiences worldwide. He was a committed Rastafari who infused his music with a profound sense of spirituality.

I received this card from Kayley, a young Postcrosser from Singapore. She used a 2011 stamp featuring a Black marsh Terrapin - 
a freshwater turtle endemic to Southeast Asia. The stamp is one of 3 Animal stamps issued with the year shown as 2011B. Another set of 10 had the year shown as 2011A. Strange indeed.  

That's the last card for this time. Thanks to Leslie, Jean Pierre, Dominique and Kayley for their cards. I can't do this without people like you. Thanks for dropping around  and do come back again.

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