Tuesday, February 25, 2014

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I guess it's time for another update to this log. The Olympics are over so there seems to be time for postcards again. I won't even say how well Canada did , winning Gold in Men's Curling, Women's Curling , Men's Hockey and Women's Hockey, along with other Golds, Silvers, and Bronzes . It wouldn't be right for me to mention that, so I won't. Today's blog will have 2 parts, the first part for regular postcards as always and the second part will be about something that happened last week in aviation. Just something that I want to commemorate here on the blog.

Part I   -  Postcards
My first card for today comes from Ukraine, Odessa in fact. Ukraine has been in the news of late , with many protests , and uprisings, hopefully as I write this , they seem to be working to a resolution of sorts. Many of the protest have been in the capital  Kiev, I'm not sure how things are progressing in Odessa. I always wonder when I receive a postcard from places in the news, how the person who sent it might be doing, whether it's a political uprising, a flood, an earthquake or wildfires, or some other natural disaster.

This card is a view of our Earth as seen from somewhere. Who knows, maybe the space station.

The card actually comes from Nataliya and Julia. They used a number of stamps , the first of which, on the left is a definitive issued in in a set 13 in 2012. The next 2 stamps were also issued in 2012. One is from a Sports set of 4 and the other was a single Costumes issue. The far right stamp is 1 of 4 issued in 2009 for National Songs.

My second card is a great card. It is from a set of GlobalAware cards. The slogan on the card reads "Peace is everyone's business, War is just business. "  Former US President Dwight D. Eisenhower said "I like to believe that people in the long run are going to do more to promote peace than our governments. Indeed, I think that people want peace so much that one of these days governments had better get out of the way and let them have it . " Well Dwight, a lot of people are still waiting .
I'd love to get my hands on a full set of these GlobalAware postcards , so if anyone knows where to pickup a set, be sure to let me know.

Joan who hails from Columbia, Missouri in the US midwest sent this card along. She used a couple of older 6 cent commemoratives , the Alabama and the Leif Erikson issues. There's also the 2007 Silver Coffeepot and the 2008 $1.00 Wisdom Rockefeller Center issue.

Here's a card from Bjelovar, Croatia. Bjelovar is a city of 40,000 +,  located in central Croatia. It's history dates back to 1413. While building a basement in the area, a dugout was found and identified as belonging to the Starcevo Culture ( 5000-4300 BC ) .  

Vesna, who I believe is a reader of this blog sent this card along and used a fine selection of stamps. In the left and right corners we have a beautiful frog stamp from a set of 3 Fauna, Amphibians issued in 2013. Then there are 2 of 5 stamps from the 2008 set of Textile Folk Art issue. Finally, the white and green stamp is from the 2012 set of 3 Spring Flowers.


Next we have a F4U Corsair , an aircraft that was used quite effectively in the Korean conflict. The card is one in a USPS series and depicts a stamp from the 1997 Classic American Aircraft Mini-sheet of 20 which I am happy to have in my collection.

Joe from Endwell, N.Y. is the sender of this card. I have received a number of cards from Joe these past couple of years. The stamps on this one are all relatively old, from the 80s and 90s. The one for the Berlin Airlift was issued in 1998, to mark 50 years. The top right stamp commemorates Rural Free Delivery and was issued in 1996. Interestingly, I have a plaque of an enlargement of this RFD stamp framed on my office wall, honoring US Postal Workers ( not that I am one though ).  The bottom stamps commemorate 50 years of Rural Electrification Administration in 1985 and 50 years of NATO in 1999.

A couple of Primates are featured on my next card received from Rodney, who lives in Clacton-on-sea, Essex, England. I'm not really a fan of monkeys, chimps, apes, or orangutans, or any of those mammals. 
But I do smile when I remember the 1960s TV commercial for Red Rose Tea featuring the Marquis Chimps. Check it out on You Tube, it's a real riot. Let's not forget the expression " Only in Canada, eh ? Pity . " as it related to the Red Rose Tea. And speaking of Clacton, the town was in the news just a couple of weeks ago. ten people were injured in a gas explosion that flattened two houses on a Clacton street. Not a good way to make the news .

Rod used a Blue Machin defunitive along with 2 other stamps . The left stamp was issued in 1981 , and is from a set of 5 Landscapes. This one shows the Glenfinnan Highlands in Scotland. The stamp on the right will be a new addition in my Aviation stamps collection. It is from the Classic Toys set of 5 issued in 2003. Shown is a Meccano Constructor Biplane from the 1930s.Also in this set of stamps is the Dinky Toys.  

I grew up with Meccano Construction Sets and with Dinky Toys. It's quite hard to find either these days , at least in these parts. Lego sets are everywhere and it's Hot Wheels not Dinky , too.

This next card should bring back memories for a lot of you reading. Kids shooting marbles. This shows a Norman Rockwell painting - Marbles Champion 1939, an Oil on Canvas. It was also a Saturday Evening Post cover back on September 2, 1939.

As a kid, I played marbles often, especially at school, during break time. We used to carve out a hole in the ground with our shoe heel to serve as a mott, the place we would try to pitch our marbles into. At the time I didn't know where the term mott came from , but now I know it is most likely because of Charles Mott, a National  Marbles Champion in the United States, in 1942.

Joe from Las Vegas used a number of US Forever stamps on this card. They are from 2011 and 2013.

That's it for my regular cards today. As I mentioned earlier , I have another part to my blog today. This relates to something Aviation related that happen last week. So here it is.

Part II -- Aviation

The very last passenger flight on the iconic Douglas DC-10 departed yesterday from Birmingham , England and was given a water arch salute to mark the special occasion. +This final flight started last Thursday as Bangladesh's National Flag Carrier, Biman Bangladesh Airlines  flew from Dhaka, to Kuwait City and then on to Birmingham.  The first DC-10 to visit Birmingham was on 30 November 1972 when Laker Airways DC-10 G-AZZC made a demo flight for the travel trade. The last DC-10 passenger  flight is Biman's DC-10 S2-ACR. The DC-10 has been flying passengers on commercial flights since 1971, but that run has now come to an end.  It was 43 years ago that the aircraft made its maiden flight with paying passengers when American Airlines flew it between Los Angeles and Chicago on August 5, 1971. 

Here is a postcard of the Laker DC-10 that I mentioned earlier.

Dc-10s were operated by many airlines around the world. Here are a few more postcards of various airlines DC-10 aircraft.
This is Canadian Airlines International, an airline dear to my heart.

Brazil's Varig 

Finland's Finnair

and finally VIASA of Venezuela

There you have it. The End of An Era. So I guess if you were hoping to catch a flight on a DC-10 , let me just say, that boat has sailed, or that train has left the station. They actually sound better than , that flight has taken off , let's just say, you missed her. 
I am happy to say I have flown a number of times on Canadian Airlines DC-10s  from Canada to Honolulu a number of times.Flights I will remember for a long time, now that there are no more.  

Thanks for today's postcards going out to Nataliya and Julia, Joan, Vesna, Joe G, Rodney and Joe again,but not Joe G. Take care , hope I didn't bore you to much with my DC-10 stuff. I just felt it worthy of note. 

What do you think ? and have you flown in a DC-10 ? If so, tell me which airline and from where to where.  


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