Saturday, January 12, 2013

January's Second Posting

I'm back with another update. Today's cards are from the Netherlands, Iran, Singapore, Switzerland and France. Let's have a look at the card from The Netherlands first. The card portrays a photo of an untitled work by Dani Karavan. Karavan is an Israeli sculptor best known for site specific memorials and monuments which merge into the environment. Even though this is an untitled work, I could suggest an appropriate  name - Man at the End of the Line.  The card is from Marjo, a Postcrosser in the Netherlands.

Marjo used a number of different stamps. The stamp on the right features Piet Hein but I'm not sure of the issue date. The other 2 stamps are from a sheet of 12 issued in 2011 under the title of City of the Netherlands. The middle stamp, the black one is quite interesting. If you visit and hold the stamp up to a webcam, the website projects a 3D image from the stamp, showing much more than is on the stamp. 

Here's today's second card, all the way from Iran. I was recently contacted by a Postcrosser in Tehran offering a private swap. I very seldom turn down a swap and offering a card from Iran, well it was a go for sure. Soode's card shows an old tower or tomb, I'm not quite sure. 

As is often the case the card in Iran, the card received a postage meter cancel, but luckily this one also got a stamp. It is a 2011 map stamp from a set of 6.

Since we're just a little into the New Year of 2013, here's a card showing  fireworks from Singapore. At night the city is transformed into a dazzling show of fireworks and glittering lights. Singapore's half lion and half fish icon, the Merlion can be seen on the card's right side.  

Jean Pierre used a couple of stamps from a 2011 set of 5 showing herbs. Interestingly , the card was mailed and postmarked 22 Dec 2012 and then one of the stamps was again postmarked 24 Dec 2012. Oh well, that's what makes Philately so interesting and so much fun.

My next card gives us a look at Lugano, Switzerland and Lake Lugano. Located in the south of Switzerland  Lugano is the largest Italian-speaking city outside of Italy.  It is often called the Monte Carlo of Switzerland.
Ana sent this card along from her travels. A few days after this card arrived, I received another one from her sent from Italy. Hope she had a great trip.   Ana used a great Bird stamp from 2009. A Priority A stamp it is from a set of 2 self-adhesives.

Today's final card is from Haguenau, France. Dominique's card shows Fishermen's Tower. Surviving from the medieval city walls, the tower was built in the 13th century. Oh the history that we don't have in North America. 

Dominique used a recent 2012 stamp showcasing Camp des Milles, the largest internment camp in southeast France.

That's about it for this time. Thanks to Marjo, Soode, Jean Pierre, Ana and Dominique for their cards.  See you next time here on the blog.

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