Thursday, January 31, 2013

January's Last

There's just time to squeeze in one last update for this month. This one will have planes, a lighthouse, a lady, and a map. More if time permits. So let's start with one of my favourites, a plane, or in this case a jet. It's a South African Airways A340, an airplane I have yet to experience. This one was photographed on the ramp at Hamburg back in June of 2003. This is Bruce's first card of 2013. 

Bruce used 2 stamps from 2010. They are part of a set of 27 definitives, all handicrafts. Interestingly , the bottom stamp is a beadwork airplane. 

Next up is a lighthouse. This one is the Patos Island Lighthouse in front of Mt. Baker. It is located in the San Juan Islands of Washington state, USA. Standing 38 ft high, Patos Light was first lit in 1908 and went automated in 1974.

Desiree Ann , who lives on San Juan Island used a bunch of stamps , 4 of which are the 2003 American Clock stamp. The other stamp is from 2012. It is 1 of 15 in a self adhesive m/s entitled Earthscapes. This one is of a 
glacier and icebergs that have broke off.

Here's a U.S. Air Force F-86F Sabre fighter jet. They flew from 1947-1980. The one on the card is on display at the Kalamazoo Air Zoo, in Kalamazoo, Michigan, USA.   These aircraft were America's first swept wing fighter which could counter the Soviet MiG-15 in high speed dogfights.

Allie used one of the 2012 Aloha shirt stamps , but it appears the value of 32 cents for not quite enough. There is a Postage Due handstamp at the bottom, I guess put there by the U S Postal Service. Don't quote me on this but I believe the postcard rate from the US to Canada is at least 85 cents, so this card was short at least 53 cents. Allie, you should check your postal rates. 

My next card is of a Rajasthani lady filling her water pot at a well. Rajasthan is the largest state of the Republic of India by area. It is located in the northwest of the country.  

Sita used a nice selection of stamps on this card. On the left is a stamp that was issued on the 29th of November 2012 celebrating The Consumer Protection Act of 1986. In the middle is a nice aviation stamp from 2008. It is 1 of 4 commemorating the Indian Coast Guard. The stamp on the right, also aviation related , shows an AWACS plane.It was issued in 2012. AWACS stands for Airborne Warning And Controls System.

To a Airline, Airplane, Aviation postcard collector like me, this next card is as good as it gets. The card shows a Lufthansa DC-10. I have flown on the DC-10 a number of times between Vancouver YVR and Honolulu HNL. Of course , that was back in the days of Canadian Airlines International, oh the memories.

Then to really top it off, Iris used an A380 Aircraft stamp , issued in 2008. 

My final card today comes from Springdale, Newfoundland and it's # 23 in my Towns of Newfoundland Collection. The town of just over 2900 people is located in Green Bay in central Newfoundland. Hollywood actress Natasha Henstridge was born in Springdale. Lisa's card is a map of Newfoundland and if you look in the center of the map, you will see my hometown of Grand Falls.  

 used a new Canadian definitive which only came out on January 14th of this year. It is 1 of a set of 5 called Canadian Pride. Canadian Pride stamps are a way of showing the many places one might find The maple Leaf, our Canadian flag. On Lisa's stamp, the flag is on a bale of hay at harvest time.

That was to be my final card, but let's have one more.  Just because it's a nice card, from a great place with a great stamp.
It's King penguins on the Falkland Islands, with the card postmarked Port Lockroy, British Antarctic Territory.

Here's the stamp. It was issued in 2011.

That's it for this time and for January. See you in February. Thanks to Lisa, Iris, Sita, Allie, Desiree Ann and Bruce for their wonderful cards. I'll look for your comments on today's update. Take care.

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Leslie said...

Wow! I grew up in Kalamazoo and the Air Museum was my most favorite place because they had simulation rides and because they sold astronaut ice cream in the gift shop! I am so surprised that they have postcards!