Sunday, January 27, 2013

A Card From Well Down Under and others

Hello again, I have lots of cards that I can show today. I'm sure I won't get to them all, so we'll see how far we get. My first card is from a land down under and I don't mean Australia this time. It's from British Antarctic Territory, Port Lockroy to be exact. Port Lockroy ia a harbour on the north-west shore of Goudier Island in the Palmer Archipelago of the british Antarctic Territory. It operated as a British research base until 1962. In 1966 the base was renovated and is now a museum and post office operated by the United Kingdom Antarctic Heritage Trust. The post office handles approximately 70,000 post cards a year. My card , one of that 70,000 has been on the go for 10 months. I should know , I posted it March 12, 2012  at the Stanley Post Office in the Falklands. From there it went to Port Lockroy, then back to Stanley and then on to Airdrie, Alberta, Canada via the regular mailstream. A distance of approximately 16357 km. It was date stamped at Port Lockroy on 19 Nov 2012. This card is 1of 9 that I stamped and sent off to British Antarctic Territory last March, for final delivery to various cities around the globe.  It is just the 4th that I known has arrived at its destination. If and when one arrives in your mailbox, please drop me a word, just so I know.
Now here's the card and stamp. 

The stamp I selected for this one is from a set of 6 issued in 2011, featuring Research Ships.  The RRS Ernest Shackleton is  shown on this stamp. The 6 stamps are a beautiful set as are just about all stamps from this
collecting area.

My second card today arrived from Germany, but the image on the card is of a very famous picture of the ironworkers taking a break over New York City. The picture is called "Lunch Atop A Skyscraper " by Charles C. Ebbets. Ebbets took this picture in 1932 while the men sat on a beam at the 69th floor level of the RCA Building at Rockefeller Center.  Now I'm not one to talk, but it appears the guy at the far right is having a liquid lunch. Maybe that helps you walk around on a beam 69 floors up, who am I to say.

I"m proud to say that a couple of these guys  ( the 3rd and the 5th from the left ) are from my home province of Newfoundland. 

Janine used a couple of flower definitives along with a nice train stamp. It was issued in 2012 commemorating 125 year of narrow rail service in Harz, the highest mountain range in northern Germany.


We just had a train stamp, now here's a train card from Australia. The Legendary Ghan. Operated by Great Southern Rail, the service operates between Adelaide and Darwin. It takes 54 hours to travel the 2,979 km with a four hour stopover in Alice Springs. The name Ghan is an abbreviated version of it's previous nickname , The Afghan Express. The train's name honours Afghan camel drivers who arrived in Australia in the late 19th century to help find a way to reach the country's unexplored interior. Construction started in 1878 but the final leg was not completed until 2004. As Anita wrote on her card "It took 126 years to build a railway from Nowhere to Nowhere". Her words not mine. 

Anita used a 2012 Christmas Island Christmas stamp. It is 1 of 2 issued by Australia Post this past Christmas.

I'm showing this next card because it has the same stamp as was used on the last card. Nadya sent her card and wrote that it was particularly hot with daily temperatures well over 30. And, from looking at the card, I can really feel the heat generated by these bronzed Aussies.

Here's a rather unique card. I'm not quite sure what I'm looking at or from where. But it is an interesting view. The card came from Michael in Germany.

Michael used a very recent stamp commemorating the 50th Anniversary of The Elysee Treaty between France and Germany. The stamp , issued Jan 02, 2013 is a joint issue with France.

Let's end this update with  this 1954 photo of Marilyn Monroe. Andrea of Syracuse, N.Y sent along this card. I know there are lots of collectors of Marilyn cards out there and I just happen to have quite a selection of them, so if you're interested in one , let me know and we can set up a swap

Andrea used a 2007 American Toleware stamp along with a 2008Wisdom definitive. This stamp was originally issued back in 2003 , but the one on this card has a 2008 date.

So ends another update. I hope you enjoy this one , along with your own postcards. I read your comments so don't be shy. Take care. see you again soon.



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Ana said...

make it as the 5th known to have arrived at its destination...I received one few days ago! thanks so much Glenn! what a journey these cards must have had!