Saturday, September 22, 2012

I'm Back Again to Start September

Yes, I'm back again. I know that I wrote in the September 1st update that I hoped to get in a few more updates than in previous months , and as we can all see how that has gone. Here is September's second update and it's already 3 weeks later. Life goes on, but in all fairness to me , I have been away - that's my story and I'm sticking to it. If I have any regular readers left after this long absence, be sure to tune in soon for another Cruising Thru Postcards, number 4. Now back to Postcards, for today I have cards from Mexico, South Africa, Czech Republic, along with a couple of Newfoundland Towns cards.

First up is the Mexico card. It's a wonderful view of Mexico City and the Popocatepetl volcano. This active volcano is in Central Mexico, just 70 km southeast of Mexico City.. More than 15 major eruptions have been recorded since 1519.

The card is compliments of Ana, who finally got to visit the country in August. She used 2 stamps, the one on the left is from a set of 5 issued in 2009, while the other is a 2012 handicrafts definitive, from a set of 4. 

Next we have the South Africa card. A nice view of the winelands of the Western Cape. I have Bruce to thank for this card. Bruce used a nice flower stamp from a set of 10 Flowers of Namaqualand.

Now for the Czech Republic.  This is a fine panorama shot of Prague showing The Prague Castle, St. Nicholas Church and Charles Bridge. Jean Pierre gets the thanks for this one. The card came with 2 nice large stamps and 2 very clear cancellations. The stamp on the left was issued in 2000 for Mining Rights and the stamp on the right , in 2008 celebrates 100 hundred years of Ice Hockey. And, of course as a Canadian I always love to receive a stamp celebrating hockey.

Next we have the 2 cards for my Newfoundland Towns collection. Today's cards are from Elliston and Hawkes Bay. Elliston is a small town of 325 people at the tip of the Bonavista Peninsula. It was settled as a summer fishing village in the mid 1700's , originally called Bird Island Cove. Elliston's claim to fame now, is as the Root Cellar Capital of the World. This designation is actually noted on the bottom line of the official Canada Post postmark . The card features puffins, the official Provincial Bird of Newfoundland. The definitive stamp on the card is from this year and is 1 of 4 in the Baby Wildlife issue. 

Last card for today is from Hawkes Bay, Newfoundland.  A town of about 400 located at the mouth of the Torrent River on the Great Northern Peninsula, Hawkes Bay was named by James Cook in 1766. Kim's postcard shows a dory moored off in Newfoundland. I don't believe it to be in Hawkes Bay, though. Another Bay Wildlife definitive with a clear socked-on-the-nose cancellation is found on this card.

 That's it for cards this time. Thanks to Ana, Bruce, Jean Pierre and Kim for the cards. Hope you enjoyed seeing these postcards and if you did, why not let me know. Comments are always welcome.

I won't commit to when the next update will be, but I truly hope it will be very soon. Take care.      

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Joe Geronimo said...

Welcome back! Just received this cool postcard from the Netherlands and I thought I would share.