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A Windmill, Airplanes, A Lighthouse, A Sailing Ship, A Postbox, Mexico, Romaina and Kazakhstan and a Couple of Newfoundland Towns

Hello again,
Quite the title on this update. Sounds like another mixed bag as I like to call them.
Let's start with the windmill. This card is from Johan and shows a windmill in the small Dutch coastal village of Retrenchement.Johan wrote that it is the first coastal town of Holland , coming from Belgium.

Johan's stamp is from a 2011 set of 2 issued to highlight the environment.


Next is a card of the Pima Air & Space Museum in Tucson, Arizona. This is a card from Postcrosser Rhonda. This museum is one of the world's largest aerospace museums. Opened in May 1976, the museum features over 300 aircraft representing a century of aviation including President Kennedy's Air Force One, the supersonic SR-71,Blackbird, and the X-15 space plane. 

Rhonda used a 2012 Lancaster County stamp and here it is .

Now here's a card from Kazakhstan, Astana to be precise. Astana has been the capital of the country since 1997 and is the country's second largest city after Almaty. It is located in the north-central part of Kazakhstan with just over 700,00 people. David's card shows a nice view of a modern city with lots of highrises.

David used 2 recent stamps , one from 2011 and one from 2012. The one on the left is 1 of 4 in a 2011 set featuring Old Coins. The right stamp , from 2012 ,is is an Europa Stamp , suggesting one Visit Kazakhstan. 
Cape Hatteras Light is next. Located on Hatteras Island in the Outer Banks of North Carolina, USA. At 208 feet it is the tallest lighthouse in North America and the 23rd tallest in the world. It was built in 1870.  Due to erosion of the shoreline, Cape Hatteras Light was moved 2,870 feet inland during 1999 and 2000.Pam, a U.S. PostCrosser sent this card along. Here is the 2012 Glacier National Park , Montana stamp that Pam used.


 Halmstad is up next. Halmstad is a port city on the Swedish west coast. It has a population of just over 58,500.Lisbeth's card shows a sailing ship at rest with sails down in the evening.

Here is the stamp that Lisbeth used. It was issued this year, 1 of 5 Photo Art stamps in a self adhesive booklet.
Now for another addition to my mailbox/postbox on postcards collection. This one comes from Germany and is described by Anke as a German Private Postbox. She writes that the official German postbox is yellow.

Anke used a common flower definitive and 1 of 2 stamps in a 2012 landscaped issue. Her's showcases Jasmund National Park, famous for its large high chalk cliffs, towering up till 161 m above the Baltic. 


Airplanes on Postcards-- another one for my collection of that topic. This one is just a silhouette of a large jet airliner passing in from of the sun with a number of palm trees in the foreground.Don't know the aircraft type or the airline.No matter though. It's a cool shot. The card comes from Hanna in Germany.

Hanna used a flower definitive along with a 2007 commemorative showing the Brandenburg Gate. The stamp honours the gate's designer Carl Gotthard Langhans.

My next card is another one from Mexico City, Mexico. Another from Ana, from her recent trip there.Ana's card shows The Palace of Fine Arts at night. A beautiful looking building indeed.

Ana used a nice high value definitive , 1 of a set of 5, issued this year.


Here's a card from Romania compliments of Jean Pierre. It shows various sights and scenes around the country.

Jean Pierre used 2 nice 2012 stamps. The stamp with the apples is from a set of 3 showing various fruits. The other stamp is a stamp issued for Easter.


My final 2 cards for this time are 2 more received from Newfoundland for my Towns of Newfoundland Collection.They represent the town of Main Brook and the town of Stephenville.
Main Brook is a small town located along the inner shores of Hare Bay on the Northern Peninsula. Permanent settlement did not take place until the 1920s. Main Brook has a population of just under 300 people. Barb's postcard shows an eagle in flight.

We see another Baby Wildlife definitive from 2012 on this one.

Here's the final card , the Stephenville one. Mr bother Mel sent this card along and it shows a few scenes and sights of Stephenville. The town of about 6700 people is located on the northeast coast of Bay St George , on the west coast of the island of Newfoundland. Stephenville was also the location of the Ernest Harmon Air Force Base, operated by The United States Air Force from 1941-1966. One of their aircraft, a F-102 Delta Dagger is shown on the postcard. 

As a last bit of info , I lived , along with my wife and 2 sons in Stephenville from 1978-1985.

Mel's card arrived with another of the Baby Wildlife definitives issued this year.

That's it for this time. Be sure to drop back again, hope to get another update in before September passes.
As always , your comments are always welcome.

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