Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Another Mixed Bag of postcards

Here's another update. The cards are from all over and are what I call a mixed bag. Before I get to the cards though, just want to say thanks to Joe for his comment in my last update. Yes, that is a cool card from The Netherlands. Always love to see an Airline/Aircraft postcard. You can never go wrong with those. Also found some of your photos, love those post office shots, and railroad/train shots,they would make great postcards. Got your Vermont card yesterday, thanks. Now on to the cards in the bag.

First up is India. The card features a popular tourist attraction in Delhi. It is actually called the Jama Masjid. This mosque is the largest and best known in India.Built between 1650 and 1656 it can hold up to 25,000 people. I can't make out the senders name but it is a PostCrossing card. Three stamps were used, two of which are of special interest. They are the two larger ones and are from a 2012 set of 4 issued for the 100th Anniversary of Aviation.


My next two cards are from family members. The first one is a Howdy from Scottsdale, Arizona, USA . It is from my grandson Evan who was vacationing in Phoenix with his Mom and Dad and little sister. Even said it was hot as , well you know. Naw, he really didn't say that, but it was hot. Evan didn't use a stamp on this one, it just fell under a postage meter, but that's okay. The card and thought are what counts. Thanks Evan, Love you.
The next card is from my brother Dale. He was recently in Brazil and Argentina. His card is from Buenos Aires. It shows a number of scenes in Recoleta , a historical and cultural center in the city. The Recoleta Cemetery  is one of the main tourist attractions in the neighbourhood. The most famous and popular tomb in the cemetery is that of Eva Peron. Dale's card brings back many memories as My lovely Teena and I visited this area and cemetery back in April. Dale used a DHL courier stamp as this seems to be the most popular way of mailing a card there. I ran into the same problem. They do arrive in the mail stream at destination but for some reason take an extra long time.
Now I have three cards from David , posted from Uzbekistan. The first one was posted from Tashkent, the capital.and shows the Khast-Imam Mosque. It dates from the 16th century. David used a new 2012 stamp featuring Uloq-Ko''pkari, a national equestrian event.

Here's the second one. posted from Bukhara, the fifth-largest city in the country. Located on the famous Silk Road, the city has long been a center of trade, culture and religion. The historic center of Bukhara was listed as a World Heritage Site by UNESCO in 1993. This second card shows the Khanaka, built around 1620. On this one David used 2 more current 2012 stamps. I don't have much information on these current Uzbek stamps but I can  see that the one on the right was issued for the London Olympics.

David's final Uzbek card is from Nukus. It is the sixth-largest city of Uzbekistan and the capital of the autonomous Karakalpakstan Republic. It is best known for its world class Museum of Art.    This is what is pictured on David's card.  The large stamp on the right is 1 of 52 in a set issued in 2011 , for the 20th year of Uzbek Independence. Thank you David for these cards and great stamps. I know from experience that large current commemorative stamps are not often found on Uzbek postcards. Usually they arrive with very small unattractive definitive stamps .

Next up is Joe's card , the same Joe that I mentioned earlier. This is a card of Newport and Lake Memphremagog, Vermont, USA. The city of Newport is located at the southern end of Lake Memphremagog, where it is joined by the Clyde River. Joe used 2 great stamps from 2011 celebrating Project Mercury , the early space exploration program. Alan Shepard is featured on the stamp on the right. He was the second person, and the first American in space. He was also the fifth person to walk on the moon.

Now we have a card from Sri Lanka, sent by Ravindra. It shows an early morning view of the top of Adam's Peak Mountain. It is a 2,243 metre conical mountain in central Sri Lanka. Ravindra used a beautiful large National Parks stamp from a set of 4 issued in 2010. This one celebrates Horton Plains National Park. The st of 4 is really a nice set of stamps.

Now to end things - I have 2 cards from towns in Newfoundland. They are from Millertown and Grand Bank.  Let's have a look at the Millertown card first. It's a view of the town from Red Indian Lake. Millertown is a small town of about 100 people , located in the interior of the island of Newfoundland on the north east side of Red Indian Lake. It was founded in 1900 by Scottish lumber baron Lewis Miller. Teresa used a 2012 Daylily stamp from a set of 2 permanent domestic rate stamps. It was issued on March 01st.


Last card is from Grand Bank. This town of 2,415 is located on the tip of the Burin Peninsula. Grand Bank's history goes back to around 1640 and its first census in 1687 showed a total of 45 people living there. This postcard gives an old time view of a still sparsely inhabited small town . No stamp , postage meter.

I think that about wraps up another update . I want to thank Teresa, Ravindra, Joe, David, Dale and Evan for their cards.Back again soon, got to get those September updates in.

I've finally had to go with the new Blogger format . I put it off as long as possible, but I hate it, I have a lot of trouble putting the card images and stamps where I want them . I hope I can figure it out eventually.

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