Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Postcards, Postcards, Postcards

Hello again. It's been a few days since I've been here. Postcards have been a little scarce this past week. Without postcards , what am I going to write and who would want to read it ? Now before I get to today's postcards, I have a little blog business to address. It seems I have a new follower all the way from South Africa. Jocelyn, welcome and visit often. Let's swap a card or two ! Jocelyn has a blog, doesn't everyone, called cuckootree. Check it out.

On to the cards. First up is a card showing Stahleck Castle, a 12th century castle in the Upper Middle Rhine Valley at Bacharach, Germany. It's name means "impregnable castle on a crag ".
It was destroyed in the late 17th century but rebuilt in the 20th and is now a hostel. The 65 km stretch of Middle Rhine Valley is on the UNESCO WHS List and was added in 2002. David , who hails from Ireland, sent this card while on one of his many excursions. David used a 2011 stamp commemorating the fortified church of Biertan in southern Transylvania. The church is 1 of 7 that make up a UNESCO WHS of fortified churches. On first glance one might mistake the stamp for a Romania stamp. It is actually a Germany- Romania Joint Issue. You know as a stamp collector, I think that a collection of Joint Issues would make a nice new collection. Something to think about.

Here's a card I really like, a Penguin Books card featuring Flying Dutchman by Anthony Fokker.Above is another of the mysterious empty boxes that sometimes appear. Sorry but I don't know how to remove them.

It is from a series of 100 cards of iconic Penguin book jackets. I like this card enough that I am thinking of ordering a set of these cards. Who knows, you might eventually receive one of these from me. The card was sent from "America's Finest City ", San Diego and that's according to Marylou and Greg. I overnighted one time in the city and it seemed to be a fine city. The stamps include the 2007 American Toleware issue and the 2011 Voyageurs National Park issue.

Now another American card , this one comes from Rochester, at least according to the postmark. It certainly qualifies as a Flag Card, as it contains all 50 State Flags of The United States of America. This is an unsigned card, so I can't say who sent it, all I know is that it is a Postcrossing card. A number of stamps, 6 in fact , were used . We have 2 copies of the 2004 Chippendale Chair stamp, a 2002 3 cent Star stamp, a 2007 American Toleware stamp, a 2011 George Washington stamp and a 2011 Forever Celebrate stamp. I'm looking forward soon to receiving cards from the States with the new Aloha Shirts Postcard Rate stamps that were recently issued.
Here is a sneak peek at them.
Sadly, I think they are just rated for posting within the U.S., not for use to Canada or abroad. I think for me to receive a postcard with these Aloha Shirts, the sender will have to use at least 3 of them. So, we'll see.

The last card for today is a shaped postcard. I hope the shape gives away where it came from. If not, then I'm sure the words on the from will. It's a wooden shoe from Holland. The sender writes that she is a crime scene investigator for the police. I like watching the original C.S.I. tv show , along with C.S.I. NY . I wonder , do real CSI's watch these shows? Oh well, just a thought. This card bears one of the 3 international rate Postcrossing.com stamps that were issued back in October of 2011. I already have received 2 of the 3 , this one is a duplicate. Hopefully , I will receive the missing one soon. The 3 Europe rate ones would be nice , too.

There you have it , another update in the books. Thanks to Jocelyn, David, Marylou & Greg, and the others for there cards. Take care. See you soon.


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