Thursday, August 11, 2011

It's An About Time Post

Well, I certainly agree with the title of this update. It is about time for a new posting. It is a long time since my last one, way back on August 01. Why such a long time between posts ? Too busy, weather too good to be stuck inside on the computer, etc, etc. Of course in those 10 days away, there has been lots of postcards arriving. Now all I have to do is catch up. So, today's cards have come from Saint Martin, in the French West Indies, Bahamas, Nauru, Netherlands, Canada, USA and Belarus. Now as they say in the movies, on with the show.

First up is the St. Martin card. I wrote about the French St. Martin in my last update, so if you need to know, that's where you will find it. On the card we can see the port of Marigot and the marina. One more card from Jean Pierre. The stamp used is from 2011 and celebrates regional festivals.

Today's 2nd card is from Nassau, Bahamas. It is a beautiful card with lenticular motion on it. When you tip the card you can see a trio of dolphins jumping and making a huge splash in the water. Dolphin Cay , the new habitat in Atlantis, Paradise Island is among the world's largest , containing nearly seven million gallons of sea water within three lagoons. Another card from David , who used a 2010 Christmas stamp.

Next is another card from Nauru. It is the 4th of 7 that I have now received from the Republic of Nauru, all compliments of Sinei. This 4th card shows some pinnacles on the island. These limestone pinnacles are all that remain after phosphate mining removed the guano.

Now for a card from the Netherlands. Four cows in a field. Actually a quite attractive card. I do believe it is a painting by a Dutch painter. This card is from Bianca, a Dutch Postcrosser. Here are the stamps. Most interesting is the 2010 Christmas stamp.

Now here's a card from My Lovely Teena. A short while ago, we made a little sidetrip to the mountains , and Banff and Yoho National Parks. Teena's card is a great look at Wapta Mountain and Walcott Quarry of the Burgess Shale. The Burgess Shale Formation is one of the world's most celebrated fossil fields and the best of its kind. It is in the range of 505 million years old. It was discovered only in 1909. Teena's card celebrates the 100th anniversary of its discovery and was issued for the International Conference on the Cambrian Explosion held in Banff Aug 03-08, 2009. The Burgess Shale was previously inscribed on the UNESCO World Heritage List, but now is included as part of the vast Canadian Rocky Mountain Parks listing on the WHS list. Since we were in Banff National Park, Teena used a new 2011 stamp commemorating the 100 years of Parks Canada , the world's first national parks service. Thanks very much, Teena.

My next card shows the Sunshine Skyway Bridge in Tampa, Florida, U.S.A. It is the longest cable-stayed concrete bridge in the world. This is another card from Jean Pierre, who recently enjoyed a short holiday in Florida. He wrote that he crossed this bridge and found it quite long. I sailed under the bridge in 2010 after returning from The Panama Canal and found it quite impressive. Jean Pierre used 2 great U.S. commemoratives from 2010, commemorating the Negro Leagues Baseball .

The final card for this time comes from Belarus and Tanya , a Postcrosser sent it along. On it we see Mir Castle , the construction of which began at the end of the 15th century. It was inscribed on the UNESCO WHS List in 2000. Tanya used a beautiful one stamp souvenir sheet commemorating the 15th anniversary of friendship and cooperation between Belarus and Venezuela.

That's the long overdue update. Thanks to Jean Pierre, David, Sinei, Bianca, My Lovely Teena, and Tanya for their cards.

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