Tuesday, August 23, 2011

2 from the U.S. , Brazil, Lithuania and a KLM Plane at Schiphol

Hello again, I'm still short on time, but will try for a short update. My first card for this time is from the United States. On the front we see Wesleyan Methodist Chapel in Women's Rights National Historical Park . The chapel, located in Seneca Falls, New York was built in 1843. The first Women's Rights Convention was held here in 1848. Craig , a Postcrosser sent this card from Bay City, Michigan. The stamps used include definitives from 2007 and 2004. The 29 cent Foxglove stamp was issued this year and the larger Forever Gilbert Rohde electric clock stamp was also issued in 2011. The most interesting thing is the Mailer's Postmark Permit # 25, which I hope you can see on my scan. This is the first postcard with a Mailer's Postmark Permit that I have actually received . I certainly think they are cool and I only wish Canada had this same system. I would love to have my own permit.

My next card is from Brasilia, the capital city of Brasil. This 3 view card gives us a look at The National Theatre and a couple of Sculptures. This is another Postcrossing card and Nathan used a 2002 trumpet stamp from a set of 10. The other stamp is from a 2009 mini sheet of 9 bird stamps, issued for Lubrapex 2009, a Portuguese-Brazilian Philatelic Exhibition.

Card # 3 comes from Lithuania. It shows us Ocalona by Katarzyna Sokolowska who created it to illustrate a dance performance choreographed by her friend Anna Maria Krysiak. The stamp that Laura used is a current 2011 stamp. It is one of three in a Personalities set.

Here is another card from The United States. This one comes from Christy in Buckeye, Arizona, a small town of just over 50,000 folks. On her card we can see a rider and her steed startled by a bolt of lightning. Christy used 2 nondenominated commemorative Forever stamps from 2011. The first one celebrates Messenger Mission and the second commemorates 100 years of racing at The Indianapolis 500.

My final card for this time is from The Netherlands. It is another card for my Airline/Airplane on postcards collection. This one sent by Bruce from South Africa shows a KLM aircraft at Schiphol Airport.
With tat , another update comes to a close. Thanks for cards go to Bruce, Christy, Laura, Natan and Craig. As they often say on TV , keep those cards coming. that's it for now. See you soon I hope.

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