Friday, July 8, 2011

A New Update

Well, I'm back here after a considerable absence. I have a number of excuses for the lack of updates, since June 24th, my last one other than the short Canada Day special. First we endured the postal strike and subsequent lockout, then the Canada Day long weekend and now I'm in the middle of my little grandson Xander's ( he's just three years old) hospital stay. He's been in hospital now for 5 days and it looks like at least another week or so. The good news though is that he is on the road to recovery. So, I am getting a little break this evening and hope to get this update in. With the postal strike and lockout over, the mail has started to move once again , although I just read that Canada Post is still backlogged with 40 million pieces of mail. Here's hoping that most of that is postcards for me. A guy can dream , can't he ?

On to the cards I have for this time. First is a card from Cyprus. It is a map card, for all you map card collectors. It shows a map of the island super imposed over a few scenes of the island. Demetris sent me this card quite a while ago. We have 3 stamps to have a look at here. The stamp on the left was issued in 2003 and was issued for Refugees. The middle stamp , issued 1994, is from a set of 14 costume definitives. The stamp on the right was issued for Paralympic gold in 20005.
My next card is from Martinique. Posted in Fort De France, it is a view of Sainte Anne, a small village on the south east corner of the island. Martinique , a little bit of France in the Caribbean, is an overseas region of France. Elodie used 2 Marianne definitives from a set of 11 issued in 2005 and 1 of 2 Cacharel heart shaped stamps , also from 2005 .
Card # 3 comes from Nicaragua, in Central America. It gives us a look at one of the islets of Granada. The islets , consisting of 365 small islands are located in Lake Nicaragua, just southeast of the city of Granada . Diana used 2 stamps, of which, the stamp on the left, I could not find any information. The stamp on the right was issued in 2002 , to mark the 30th anniversary of the Managua earthquake.Now for a card from the United States, Homer, Alaska actually. Homer is known as "Where the road ends and the sea begins ." It is the westernmost point one can drive to in the U.S.A. The town was named in honor of gold prospector Homer Pennock who dropped anchor there in 1986 with a crew of 50 men and 1 woman. Martin's card is an evening look at the Homer yacht club with snow capped mountains in the background. Martin used a number of great stamps including an Alaska stamp, an Alaska highway stamp, a James Thurber stamp and a 2010 butterfly stamp.
I think I'll call it a day here. I was going to show one more card, but I''ll save it for next time. Take care and enjoy your cards and stamps, wherever you may be. Talk to you soon.

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Hanoï d'antan said...

I hope your little Xander gets well soon !