Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Cards From China, Hong Kong, Switzerland , Belarus and South Korea

Here I am back with a few cards . It's been a few days, actually it's been a week. Time flies and some say time waits for no man. I guess all that is true. Anyway on to the cards, the reason you are all reading this.

Today's first card comes to me from China. Kit Yu says she lives in Guangzhou where the 16th Guangzhou Asian Games were held last November. The card shows us a small Chinese shop with flashlights, pots and utensils for sale. The title on the card reads, The Hometown of the poet Quyuan. I'm not sure if this refers to Guangzhou or not. The long white stamp on top was issued for the 16th Asian Games in 2010. It is 1 in a set of 6. The 2 lower stamps were issued in 1997 and are 2 of a beautiful set of 6 Sculptures. I'd love to have the complete set in my collection.

Card 2 is from Hong Kong. It is a drawing of Hong Kong's first governor, Sir Henry Pottinger. The sender of this card wrote that there is a street named after him called Pottinger Street or Stone Slab Street because of its unique surface. The stamp on this one isn't shown but is 1 of the 16 bird definitives issued in 2006.

Now we have a card posted from Switzerland. It is a card showing a scene of Annecy , France. Located in southeastern France on the northern tip of Lake Annecy, it is 35 km south of Geneva. The building in the center was constructed as a prison but today is a museum of the history of Annecy. And the stamps. The bird stamp is 1 of 4 in a set issued in 2007 while the stamp on the right is 1 of 4 wheat stamps issued in 2008.

Next we have a card from Belarus. The building on the card is an impressive looking building, but I know nothing about it, as there is really nothing on the back of the card except for Best Wishes From Belarus. So there.
Usually on cards from Belarus, I mostly receive flower or animal definitives, so I was quite happy with the commemorative on this one. It was issued in 2009 on the 90th anniversary of the birth of G.K.Makarova, the great Belarusian actress.

The final card for this time is from South Korea. The card itself shows a Korean stamp issued in 2008 . It was 1 of 2 issued for the King Sejong Station. Turning it over , we see 2 stamps. I have nothing on the smaller stamp on the left and for the larger stamp , all I have is an issue date of 2011.

That's the report for this time. I will have a new country in my next update , as I received it only this afternoon. So look forward to that. Enjoy your postcards and stamps. Later.


Leslie said...

Very curious to see what the new country will be!

Anonymous said...

Hi Glenn,

The Belorussian card depicts this building.

So, it's the former Savoy Hotel and now it houses a Belorussian post office in the City of Homel.