Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Netherlands, Sacramento, A Little Aviation Art and Postcrossing's 6th Anniversary

Hello again, I'm back with a small update. I just have 3 postcards and a cover to show. I think I must still have a number of cards tied up in the mail backlog from the postal strike/lockout. Canada Post announced earlier that they had 40 million pieces of mail backlogged, and then yesterday they announced it is 70 million. I'm thinking that's a lot of postcards. On to the cards at hand. Two are from The Netherlands and one is from The U.S. The cover I mentioned is also from The U.S.

Card # 1 --- This card is an Images of Holland postcard. I do believe it's a series of postcards highlighting Holland. My card shows us flowers, cows and a windmill, all easily identifiable with The Netherlands. I received this card from a Postcrosser by the name of Debby. This card is number 1854 of my collection but more interestingly it is the 1000th card I have received throughh Postcrossing. I think that makes it a milestone card. I joined Postcrossing 1,953 days ago on March 09, 2006. That's almost 1 card from Postcrossing every second day. So Debby, you'll become part of My Postcrossing history and for that , Thank You. Debby used 3 stamps, of which the 2 large ones are quite nice. Unfortunately, I have no information about them.

Card # 2 --- Another card from The Netherlands and another one from the Images of Holland series. This one is all about windmills. It is from Veerle, a 14 year old Postcrosser who lives in Den Haag. She says that she visited Canada four years ago and drove all around the Canadian Rockies. I can vouch that makes a wonderful vacation. Veerle used just the everyday priority stamp from The Netherlands , which I stopped showing quite a while ago.

Card # 3--- This card from Sacramento, California gives us an evening look at the Sacramento River and downtown Sacramento. A 6 year old Postcrosser sent this one along. He used a stamp from a 2010 set of 10 Adopt a Shelter Pet, all showing cats and dogs.

Since the young Postcrosser above is just 6 years old, that leads me to the following tidbit. Postcrossing is celebrating 6 years of operation on July 14th. Postcrossing was opened to the public on July 14, 2005. Sadly , it took me 8 months to get wind of it and join. Postcrossing now has over 205,000 members in 205 countries. Those members have received over 7,796,000 postcards . Amazing ! Happy 6th Anniversary, Postcrossing . All I can say, if you love postcards and are not yet a member, join at
You will love it, like I do.

My final bit tonight is a cover I received a short time ago. It is from Emilie who operates Winnie's Girl . If you visit her blog, to the left is a link to "Adopt Penguin Books Postcards". She has set up a postcard adoption project, inspired by PostMuse's Orphaned Postcard Project. Emilie recently bought a box of 100 Penguin Books Postcards. She offered them up for adoption and I adopted one. I requested Aircraft Recognition and it arrived in this envelope. The really nice part is the small aircraft that Emilie drew and fitted arouns my name and address. It is a King Air B200. Nice job, Emilie and Aircraft Recognition is on the way back to you. Thanks for allowing me to take part in your postcard adoption project.

That's is the update for this time. Hope you enjoyed it and if you did, how about letting me know via a comment. I'll be looking for yours.
Take care.


Ana said...

it took me almost 3 years to find out about postcrossing..i really wish I had discovered it earlier, but I guess it is better ever than never :)

Wishing PC many more anniversaries and many more postcards to you....i hope those clogged up in the mail will arrive soon!

regards from the awfully hot Skopje!

Anonymous said...

To add something to the two 'mystery stamps' from the Netherlands.
The first stamp with 'Eindhoven' on it is about a sort of contest in the Dutch city of Eindhoven. In 2011 a sheet of the Dutch series 'Mooi Nederland' (Beautiful Holland) appeared.
That year there was a stamp in the sheet dedicated to Eindhoven. One problem: the designer said that he found Eindhoven a depressive city, which led to discontent among the citizens of Eindhoven. So, they created their own stamp (which is 'stamped' in silver as well) to make a 'real' Eindhoven-like stamp.
Their website is here:
The real designed Eindhoven stamp can be viewed here:
(the second stamp to the right)
The stamp with Gijs on it is an alternative for the stamp series, which cared about the elder citizens in the Netherlands. Alas this series stopped in 2010, and the organisation which takes care for elder people are issuing these stamps now.
Here are the current 2012 ones: and here the 2011 ones:
Both stamps are in a personal stamp frame.