Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Warning- New Country, More Ethiopia, More Planes

Glenn's back . Yes, I'm back after a nice week on Maui, Hawaii. Sun, sand, warm temps , ocean and pool, all things experienced there , but not anywhere in sight , here in Alberta, yet. It was a great week with family, my wife and I tagged along with my son and his family. So it was our first trip abroad with any of of our grand kids. And we enjoyed it immensely.

Of course, I fully intended to mail out a number of postcards from Maui , but that idea fell by the wayside when I discovered that I had left my address book back home. I could only recall from memory one address , so if you are that recipient of postcards, you are indeed the lucky one. I still picked up a couple of cards that match some people's wish lists , so I will get the cards off , albeit mailed from unexciting Alberta, Canada.

The day before I left for Maui, I received a couple of great cards and then when I returned the mailbox held 15 more. So, I have lots of material for a few updates to come. Now on to the cards for today.

Warning , Warning , New Country Alert, I love saying that. New country # 245 is Djibouti. Located in the Horn of Africa, Djibouti is bordered by Eritrea, Ethiopia and Somalia. It is one of the least populous of African countries. Once known as French Somaliland, and later as the French Territory of The Afars, and the Issas, it declared itself an independent nation in 1977 and took its name of Republic of Djibouti. The card shows us a number of traditional outfits on a few young locals. This card is another one from David who recently completed his trip to Africa. Djibouti makes country # 245 in my collection. By my count and my list I have just 26 more to go for a complete collection, subject to any new political changes, of course. David used a beautiful, large stamp from 2007 , celebrating 30 years of Independence. Thanks David.

Today's 2nd card is another for my Aircraft/Airline postcard collection. It is an Air France Boeing 747. In my opinion the B747 makes the most beautiful sight of any aircraft type in flight. I feel the same about it , even when it's on the ground. That hump or bubble makes it stand out over any other aircraft. The card is compliments of Jean Pierre who has sent a number of cards in the past. The 2011 stamp celebrates the international Year of Chemists.

Next we have another Djibouti card. As always , once you receive one, you receive another. Of course it's from David and shows various buildings in Djibouti City. On this card he used 3 stamps from 2004.

Another card from David, this time from Ethiopia. On this one we can see the Monoliths of Axum. Located in northern Ethiopia, the monoliths date from 300-500 A.D. David used 5 copies of the 1 Birr value of the 2002 set of 4 featuring the Konso Waka. This is a small statue that honors fallen heroes. The stamp here appears longer than if is , and that's because the five stamps were overlapped. Good effect though.

And the final card for today is another one for my Aircraft/Airline postcard collection, this time a Lufthansa Airbus A310-300. Another fine plane no doubt, but one which I haven't yet had the pleasure of flying on . The card comes to us from a Postcrosser in Lithuania. Now that I have mentioned Postcrossing, let me say that today marks 5 years of my participation in Postcrossing. It's been a great five years during which I have received 921 postcards as a result. I highly recommend Postcrossing to anyone collecting postcards. Just go to and join. It's easy and free. Oh yes, the stamps on this card. Quite nice actually. On the left is a 1998 stamp celebrating The Lithuanian Post. The middle stamp is 1 of 3 in a 2001 souvenir sheet featuring the nature of the Baltic Sea, a joint issue with Latvia. The stamp on the right is 1 of 2 issued in 1994 highlighting animals.

Oh yes , I know it is well into March, but I can't let you off without my Feb 2011 postcard report. I received 39 postcards during last month and 21 of them were sent by Postcrossers. I mailed out a total of 26 cards and all 26 went to Postcrossers. I added cards from 3 new countries in Feb.

That's it for this time. Back here again soon. Take care . Leave a comment if you are inclined.


Leslie said...

So, where has David NOT visited yet?? :) Congrats on the new country, it is a lovely card!

Trevor said...

Congratulations on the new country! They are getting rarer all the time.

I understand what you mean about forgetting your address book at home. That has happened to me a couple of times.

What I decided to do was type up the list of addresses for people I would like to send postcards to, and then emailed it to myself.

That way, if I forget to bring the list on paper, I could check my email at the hotel or at a café, wherever I can find the internet (on Gmail, Hotmail, Yahoo mail, etc.) and get the addresses I need!

Gem from Calgary said...

That actually sounds like a good idea. Saves bringing the book.
I may just do that.

Trevor said...

I still like to bring along a paper copy (if I remember!), just in case the internet is not readily at hand while travelling.

Once I had the list typed up (for email), I printed it out at home on a single sheet of paper. It folds nicely and doesn't take up much room in my luggage! :)

As someone once said, "If you don't have a backup, you don't have a plan!"

Ana said...

and im the lucky one!!! Yay!! Thank you Glenn!!
Well, I really have an easy address to remember so I was kinda hoping it was me :P
And I received both a map and a train card!! Both more than lovely!
Thank you so much Glenn! Im really really happy!
Hope you are having a good time wherever you are :)

Ana said...

oh, and also one with Canadian flags has arrived...from my favourites! Thanks so much Glenn!!