Thursday, March 17, 2011

Penguins, Lemurs, People and Other Things

Here we go again, I have a number of cards for this time.
First up is a card of Phillip Island, Australia giving us a look at The Little Penguins. Phillip Island is around 140 km South East of Melbourne and is the home of the world famous Penguin Parade. The Penguin Parade is Australia's most popular wildlife attraction and home to the largest Little Penguin colony in the world. The Little Penguin is the world's smallest penguin and every evening at sunset the penguins emerge from the sea and march across the beach to their sand dune burrows. A Postcrosser, Joy, mailed this card from Minyip, a town dating from the 1870s. The Minyip Post Office opened on 1 May 1875. Minyip was the filming location for the television series The Flying Doctors. I remember it well. Reminds me of the Charlie Drake song "My Boomerang Won't Come Back "and the line "O my God, I've Hit The Flying Doctor". Joy used a 2010 ( I think ) International post rate stamp featuring Russell Falls in Tasmania.

The second card was posted at Santa Ana , California, U.S.A. and shows us a breathtaking sunset overlooking Dana Point Harbour in Southern California. A pretty nice evening along the boat docks. Melissa used a Liberty Bell First Class Forever stamp.

Next we have a card from Belarus. On it we see the Church of Saints Simon and Helen in Minsk. It was built during 1908 and 1910. Anna used 4 common definitives as you can see.

Now, another card from David, from his trip to Madagascar. On the card we can see a couple of cute Lemurs. Madagascar is world famous for its Lemurs. David was visiting Andasibe-Mantadia National park, a 155 square km area in eastern Madagascar. David used a 2005 stamp issued to celebrate the Centenary of Rotary. If you look closely at the stamp , you can see the face of a lemur. Interesting.

Anna, who lives in Rauma, Finland sent the next card along. It shows a large group of skiers enjoying a meal after a hard day on the slopes. Anna used a 2009 Moomin stamp . I don't know why so many people rave about these, they are not my cup of tea. Sorry.

Our final entry for this time is from Kyiv, Ukraine. This one shows us The Assumption Cathedral. It has had quite the history. It was first built between 1073 and 1078, rebuilt in 1640s, destroyed in 1941 and rebuilt again between 1998 and 2000. Marina , a fellow Postcrosser, who I have often wished to swap a card with, sent this card. She has a fine postcard blog called "My Postcards" which you can find at . Marina used 2 definitives from a 2008 set of 13.

That's my update for this time. I might sneak another in tomorrow, if I'm lucky. If not enjoy your weekend and your postcards and stamps. Cheers!


Mareelouise said...

I love your collection. SO many amazing images!
I want to do a story on the penguin parade on my blog ( Would I be able to use your postcard image?
Very happy to attribute with a link and send you a postcard too...
what do you think?

william charles said...

You have shared the stamps collection. It's really beautiful. And I like them very much


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