Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Cards and Planes, Planes, Planes

Well it's been almost a week since I've been here, well at least the update part. I have been busy adding labels to all the postcards that I have shown since 2007 and I'm not finished yet. I have a few months left in 2008 and 2007 left to do. I regret not having done this, right from the start. Hopefully when I am finished it will allow a reader to see just what I have from a particular country or area, or topic. I should finish this up tomorrow. Now let's get back to the main feature, postcards. I have a number for this update.

Card # 1 - Agadir, Morocco - It's another card from my brother Dale's recent big trip. Agadir is a large city in southwest Morocco, located on the shore of the Atlantic ocean. While it's not a typical city of traditional Morocco, it is a modern , busy and dynamic place. The city was almost totally destroyed by a 15 second earthquake on Feb 29, 1960. The word Agadir means in Berber "wall, masoned wall enclosing a town ". I'm not sure if Dale's card shows a wall or if it is the side of a building. Anyway, his card has been on the go quite a while. He wrote it Dec 10, 2010 ; it is postmarked Jan 20, 2011 and it arrived in Calgary on Feb 04, 2011. The big question of course is where was it between Dec 10 and Jan 20. I guess it must have fallen in a crack, behind a desk , who knows ? I'm just glad it arrived. The fish stamp is from a 2009 set of 2.

Card # 2 - Victoria Falls, Zimbabwe - Located in southern Africa on the Zambezi River between Zambia and Zimbabwe, the falls was added as a UNESCO World Heritage Site in 1989. Bruce sent this card along, from his recent trip. He used a 2005 R rate bird stamp from a set of 10 definitives.

Card # 3 - Base Dumont-d'Urville, Adelie Land , T.A.A.F. Another card from Jean Pierre from the French Base in Terre Adelie, Antarctica. The card gives us a wonderful aerial view of the base. I have already written about the base and also about the stamps in my blog , dated Jan 27, 2011 , so I will leave it at that.

Card # 4 - Tashkent, Uzbekistan. Even though this card was posted in Moscow, Russia it is a great view of lake Charvak. This artificial lake in Tashkent Province is used as a water storage reservoir. Valerie was visiting Moscow when she sent this card. In addition to the required Russian stamps needed for mailing, Valerie also used an Uzbek stamp from 2006. It is from a multi-sheet of 14 , showing different sports , such as water polo on this particular stamp. The multi-sheet celebrates Uzbekistan's 15 years of Independence in 2006.

Cards # 5, 6, and 7 - All aircraft and airlines on postcards. A favorite of mine. All compliments of Jean Pierre. First card shows us a British Airways A319 at Brussells Airport. Also in the picture are a Thomas Cook and a Freebird. Next card shows us a Thomas Cook B757 and a Helvetic F-100 at Birmingham Airport. The final card has a neos B737 and an Air Berlin B737 at Madeira Funchal Airport. These are all great cards from a series called Wingtip Postcards published by Carl McQuaide, who calls himself speedbird 707. These will be great additions to my collection. All three cards arrived in this cover with 3 great stamps. The two ship stamps are from a 1999 multi-sheet of 10 issued for the Rouen Armada of Freedom. The bunny stamp is the French version of the 2011 Year of the Rabbit stamp .

Just one more thing before I finish up here this time. I just want to show a nice set of aircraft /airline on stamps that I received yesterday , compliments of Michael of cddstamps. They are a set from Nauru, commemorating the Tenth Anniversary of Air Nauru. I already have a similar set commemorating the fifteenth anniversary of Air Nauru. I must have correctly answered one of his quizzes on his fine and informative blog, cddstamps on aircraft & aerophilately here. Now if only I could receive that elusive one stamped postcard from Nauru, I'd be very happy. I have been trying for almost 5 years now.

Thanks for all this , goes out to Dale, Bruce, Jean Pierre, Valerie, Jean Pierre again and Michael.


viridian said...

And mineral stamps! Wow!

Ana said...

I have to note it down that im REALLY glad you decided to put the labels...they come in really handy at times :)