Thursday, February 24, 2011

Cards from the Archives plus Scranton

I am continuing with my theme of showing a number of cards that I received before this blog took to the airwaves. Today you will see archive cards from Sudan, Kuwait, Bahamas , Sovereign Military Order of Malta , along with new card from Scranton, Pennsylvania, U.SA. The Scranton card is the only card I received from last Friday until yesterday. Yesterday I received ten cards, a good day at the mailbox, today two more. So enough talk, here are the cards

Card # 1 comes from Sudan, not that easy of a country to get a card from. Sudan is a country in northeastern Africa, sharing a border with 9 other countries plus the Rea Sea. On the card we see one of the stalls in the Omdurman Market, this one selling beads. Omdurman is the largest city in Sudan , but it's capital is in Khartoum. This market is one of the very best in the country , aimed at the locals and not the tourists. Mudathor used a 2005 stamp , 1 of a set of 3, featuring the Merowe Dam Project. We also see a definitive from 2003 featuring a fish, 1 of a set of 14 .
Nice card, nice stamps.

Card # 2 is from Kuwait. It is a very blurred picture of two young people sitting in the grass. I don't know why it's blurred but it I leave the reasons for it up to you readers. Graham used 3 stamps , all the same. They are a 1998 stamps , from a set of 6 featuring Old Professions.

Card # 3 , from the Bahamas. It gives us a view of Paradise Island, located just off the shore of the city of Nassau. Erin , who was visiting the Bahamas on a cruise, used a 2006 stamp from a set of 4 featuring flowering vines.

Card # 4 is from The Sovereign Military Order of Malta. On it we see a view of Rome at dawn. The postal administration of the order, known as the Poste Magistrali, was instituted on 20 May 1966 under a Decree of the Grand Master of the order and the first stamps were issued on 15 November 1966. Oriana used 3 different stamps and one of them celebrates the 40th anniversary of the Poste Magistrali.

Card # 5 is a current card , having arrived this past week. It comes from Scranton, Pennsylvania, U.S.A. On it is a vies of the Central Scranton Freeway. The stamp on the left is from 2010 and is 1 of 4 Christmas stamps issued in the Forever format. The stamp on the right , issued this year, is the Lunar New Year stamp or Year of the Rabbit stamp, also a Forever stamp. Look for the rabbit in the top left corner.

That is my update for this time. Hopefully I won't go as long till my next update as I already have received 12 cards in the last 2 days, so I have lots of material.
Thanks to all who sent these cards used today. Comments ?

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