Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Three Cards and a Souvenir Sheet

I have just three cards to have a look at today. I also have a souvenir sheet to show.
My cards today come from Korea, Germany and Belarus and all three are from Postcrossers.

The face of the card from Korea, is a reproduction of a stamp issued in 2008, commemorating The King Sejong Station. This research station is located on the Barton Peninsula, King George Island, Antarctic and is operated by the Korea Antarctic Research Program. It was established in 1988. The stamp celebrated the station's 20 years. The actual stamps on the card include a souvenir sheet with a single stamp , issued in 2001 , celebrating comics. It is the 7th cartoon issue in a series. The other stamp is 1 of a set of 4 from 2003 showing us Korean food.

Heidelberg is featured on the card from Germany. This city of about 150,000 is located in the south-west of the country. Kerstin used a flower definitive along with a new 2011 stamp featuring Alpine Skiing.

Final card for today comes from Belarus. It shows us a sculpture dedicated to heroes who perished during World War II. Olga used 2 animal definitives from 2008.

That is the cards for today. Before I go, I just want to show the beautiful souvenir sheet I received from Michael. It will be a great addition to my aircraft topical stamp collection. I won this sheet for just answering a couple of questions . Be sure to visit him often and maybe you'll be the next winner of something . Thanks Michael.

Now for those of you still reading, I am going to try a little contest, or give a way , myself. You will notice that I didn't mention this in the title, as I wanted to see if anyone reads to the bottom.

This postcard is the contest. ( Open To Non-Canadians Only ) It would be too easy for Canadians.

The first correct answer to the following 5 questions , wins the postcard.

1 Name the building
2 Where is it located ?
3 When was it built ?
4 Why was it built ?
5 What took place there in 1901 ?

Email entries to gemsworldpostcards@shaw.ca

Winner has the following choice:
If you wish it stamped and mailed-- O.K.
If you wish it Mint in a cover -- O.K. too
And I will definately use nice stamps.

Good luck to all.

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