Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Sri Lanka, Russia and Germany

Hello again. I have three cards for today. The first one is from Sri Lanka. It says on the front - A Smile Like No Other * Sri Lanka - That sums this card up . It is from Ravindra, a recent reader of this blog. Ravindra is a blogger, with 3 blogs on the go. I will just mention 2 of them- and . I would say lighthouses are important to him. Three nice stamps were used , all from 2008. The top 2 are from a set of 6 featuring historic artifacts. The larger stamp on the bottom is from a set of 5, this one featuring a middle age gold coin and its mould.

The next card is from Russia. It is from a Postcrosser living in Astrakhan. The city lies on the left bank of the Volga River, close to where it falls into the Caspian Sea. The card shows John the Forerunner"s Monastery. The stamps are definitives from 2008 featuring moose and bears.

My final card for today falls into a sort of special card. It is from a Postcrosser and was sent from Germany. The front of the card shows a scene in Nuremberg. What makes it special is that it is from a Postcrossing meeting held in Bamberg, Germany on Jan 16th. It is signed by 13 Postcrossers who attended the Bamberg meetup. I don't normally show the back of postcards, but for this one I make an exception.

That's all for today. More tomorrow.


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