Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Netherlands, Paris and The Gambia

Over the last day or two I have received cards from The Netherlands, Paris and The Gambia. So this is what my update for today will consist of. The first two cards , both from The Netherlands , were sent by Postcrossers. The cards are really nothing special , one showing tulips and the other stylized poplar bears. What makes them really great for me are the stamps that were used. Most of my earlier cards from The Netherlands have only the usual priority stamp, as shown in the right corner of the first card. So it is wonderful to receive stamps totally different.

My next card is from Paris , France. It shows some tower, sorry , the Eiffel Tower. I'm sure I don't need to write anything about La Tour Eiffel . The card is from my brother and his wife, who spent New Year's Eve in Paris and at the Eiffel Tower. They were visiting from Newfoundland , Canada. Thanks Paul and Monnie. They used a Marianne definitive from a set of 5 issued in 2009.

Today's final card is from The Gambia. It shows a huge 5000 year old stone circle at Wassu. Many think they are part of an ancient grave site. The card is from Ian, a US PCV located there. He used a number of definitive butterfly stamps. Thanks Ian.

My 1 St GemsWorldPostcards Worst and Ugliest Postcards Contest has ended. The winner of both the worst postcard and the ugliest postcard is Leslie D from Ankara , Turkey. The winning ugly postcard is this card of Trianon Park in Sao Paulo, Brazil. Leslie says the card shows us that Sao Paulo is a huge drab city that looks like all other huge drab cities. She thinks cards should inspire us to visit and this one certainly does not. Her winning worst card is this Mexico card. And why is this the worst card, we wonder. Leslie says it was false advertising. The card was actually from Epcot Center in Florida.Very deceptive and disappointing. Those are the contest winners and the reasons. As the winner of each , she will receive a total of 10 mint, unwritten postcards from a list of countries that I will supply to her. Congratulations Leslie.

Unfortunately, the 1st annual contest is now the 1st and last annual contest, as interest in it was absolutely zero with the exception of Leslie's 2 two entries. Thanks Leslie, at least you like a little fun, like me. Oh well, maybe I'll try postcard trivia next time.

As always, comments please.


Leslie said...

I KNEW I had to be the only entrant!!

Well, I had fun looking through my cards to choose a nominee, so thanks for the entertainment! And I do think it might be worth trying this one more time... maybe the fact that this was during the busy holiday season made it more hard for people to participate? I was worried my cards wouldn't reach you, with the usual Christmas and New Years delays!

nnnnnn said...

Glenn, I so wanted to enter but had no bad postcards.. really.. every one I receive - and that is not many - are all beautiful.. I am pleased you got an entry though.. maybe it says something about the quality of postcards as well.. but then again I could have bought a few Aussie cards which I think are pretty dumb!! :-)

Try most beautiful postcard for the next comp. Best wishes.. Michael

business post card said...

Great contest. it is fun :)