Wednesday, January 20, 2010

A Nice Bunch Of Postcards

Good day. Well I have been a bit lax in updating the blog, hopefully I haven't lost any regular readers because of it. No good excuses , just busy with life. I have a nice group of cards to show today. The mail keeps coming even if I am busy.
First is a card from The Gambia. It's entitled - Waiting by the Gambia River-. And it's just what the lady on the card is doing. Kasey sent this card along . She is a US PCV and has a blog called I Bless The Rains Down In Africa. Thanks Kasey for this card. The stamps are from a butterfly definitive set that I wrote about some time ago.

Now for two more cards from Africa, Burundi this time. The first card shows a couple of large birds, I believe to be Guinea Fowl. The second card shows a group of local Burundi people milling about. Both cards have the same stamp, a 2009 bird stamp , showing the African Palm, a type of vulture I believe. Paul sent these cards and he is a MCC representative in Burundi. He and his wife have a blog called - Paul and Rebecca Mosley In Burundi. Thanks Paul and Rebecca . Keep up the good work you are doing.

The next card comes to us from Switzerland. It shows the Falensee , a beautiful lake located near the Bollenwees Inn, in the Alpstein range. The card is from a Postcrosser named Alexie. A number of really nice stamps were used. They include, left to right, from 1987, 1 of a set of 4 celebrating 200 years of tourism, from 2001 a stamp featuring a souvenir snow globe and from 1970 a view of Piz Palu Mountain. These are great stamps , that until now, were not in my collection. Thanks Alexie.

Now for a special postcard from Cornelius , Oregon, USA. It is a limited edition card, number 308 of 500. They were made for The Art of the Postcard Exhibition by the Postmaster and Post Office of Cornelius. The exhibit is made up entirely of postcards sent to the post office. It was held January 11, 2010. Anyone who sent a postcard , received one of the special postcards in return. The front of the card shows a drawing of the town's post office, a church, the town's welcome sign as well as another building in the town. I have also shown the reverse of the card which has a special cancellation on the stamp.

Finally , a card from Macao, China. Macao was once a former Portuguese colony and is now a throbbing metropolis. The card shows the Ruins of St. Paul's. The Ruins of St. Paul's refers to the facade of what was originally the Cathedral of St. Paul's, a 17th century Portuguese cathedral in Macao dedicated to saint Paul the Apostle. In 2005 it was added to the UNESCO World Heritage Site , Centre of Macao. The card is from Myron, who was living in Macao for a period but who has since returned to The Philippines. He has a stamped cover blog called Filatelia Filipinas at . Myron used a 2008 stamp from a set of 8 featuring the architecture of churches, temples, mosques and synagogues. The other stamp is from 2001 , a set of 4 featuring elements of the Internet, computers and IT. Thanks Myron.

That is my update for today. hope you enjoy seeing these postcards and stamps. If so , let me know, and if not , also let me know. I enjoy your comments .

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