Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Total Solar Eclipse , Cherbourg 1900 and Russia

Here we go again , with update # 2 for December.
First up is a card from Finland, showing a total solar eclipse, that was observed on July 22, 1990. The card is from Simo, a Postcrosser in Turku, who was not quite 9 years old at the time. The stamp on the card shows the Aurora Borealis and was issued in 2009, as part of a beautiful set of 3.

Now for a card from France. It shows a scene of Cherbourg in 1900. Another card from another Postcrosser . The stamp is of Nice, from a 2009 Tourism set of 8. A very nice set indeed.

The final card for today is from Russia. It shows the State Historical Museum of Russia. What can I say, but another Postcrossing card. I seem to have received a number of cards from Russia lately. An interesting assortment of stamps from 2002 and 2009 along with a B rate preprint on the card. The 2009 stamp on the left is quite attractive .

Thant's all for today. Take care.


nnnnnn said...

Hi Glenn, good to see you back writing. All so interesting. I was in Vegas last week and thought of sending a card but then got so involved with family at thanksgiving and the casinos :-) and so I missed out for you but good to see someone was more considerate then me :-)

Hope all well in new place.. and you have time to look at my blogs :-)

Best wishes.. Michael

Trevor said...

Nice eclipse card!