Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Starting Anew in December

Hi readers. Well, I'm hoping to do much better in December than I have the last couple of months. I really can't do much worse. I have a number of great excuses for the low number of blog updates, but after the fact , they all seem quite trivial. So onward and upward for December.
First things first- the monthly report for November. During November I received a total of 28 postcards, of which 21 were official Postcrossing cards. I mailed off 31 cards and 24 of them were official Postcrossing cards. I added 1 new country to my collection, and that was Zimbabwe. Of course with that amount of activity, my blog should have had more than 4 updates. Excuses, Excuses.

The first postcard today is from Russia. It is from a Postcrosser named Lena. The card shows Ivankovskoe reservoir. The reservoir is 113 km long with a maximum depth of 19 meters. Lena used a total of 3 stamps, 2 from 2003 and 1 from 2009.

The next card is from Las Vegas , U.S.A. It shows a number of hotel casinos on the famous strip. Some day I'm going to make it there, at least for a weekend. The card is from Pauline, a Postcrosser who lives in Vegas. Pauline used 2 of the Simpson stamps, Bart and Marj. I have no more comment on these stamps.

Now for another aircraft on postcard card. It is from Kris of the postcardkris.blogspot blog fame from Fairbanks , Alaska. Kris has sent me a number of aircraft on postcards cards. He knows how much I enjoy them. This one shows a Fokker FVII, a popular aircraft from the 1920s. It is from an original painting by John Batchelor. Kris used a 2007 Harriet Beecher Stowe stamp , one of 2 famous women stamps issued in 2007.

The last card today is from Turkey. It shows a number of views of Istanbul and Turkey. The card says that Istanbul is the largest and most beautiful city in Turkey. I can't argue with that. The stamp is from a set of 10 definitives issued in 2009.

That's it for cards today. More tomorrow for sure. Have to get December off to a great start.

Just a note to say that I have made a few wonderful contacts in Burundi , Sao Tome and Principe and also The Gambia. I am expecting cards from these wonderful countries in the next couple of weeks. Good things to look forward to. Cheers. As always, your comments are quite welcome.

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