Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Three Cards and a Cover

I have 3 cards and a cover for today's update. But, first things first. There are just 31 days left for you to enter the 1 St GemsWorldPostcards Worst and Ugliest Postcards Contest. If you haven't heard about it yet, all the rules are in my update for Thursday Dec 3, 2009. Have a look and get your entry or entries in. Great prizes await.

Now on to postcards and such. My first card for today is from Philippines. It shows some participants in the Dinagyang Festival, in Iloilo City. This is a three day event held every fourth week of January in celebrating Santo Nino, with outrageous costumes and dances. The card is from a Postcrosser in the Philippines. Unfortunately a postage meter was used for postage, so there is no stamp to show. Too bad. We collectors frown upon that.
But it is a nice card, just the same.

The next card is from Wasilla, Alaska and was postmarked in Anchorage.It shows the Northern Lights all aglow above a barn in Alaska's Matanuska Valley. Aaron, another Postcrosser sent this card along. He used 3 of the 2009 Simpson stamps, of which I no longer offer comments.

The last card for today is from France and shows a view of France which I never saw before. It shows cabins built on Bird Island in the Bassin D'Arachon.The cabins are built on poles and at high tide the water rises to the top of the poles. They are located in a very popular tourist destination on the French Coast of the Atlantic Ocean. Bird Island is a haven for migratory birds, hence it's name. Of course, this is another Postcrossing card. The stamp is a 2009 stamp commemorating Hansi, 1873-1961. Hansi is the pseudonym of the Alsatian artist Jean Jacques Waltz. .

Even though this is a postcard blog, I do get an occasional cover which I like to show. This one with 6 different , recent stamps from Australia, is from Eddy W. of Newton , SA, Australia. We did a private swap and this was supposed to be a postcard. To be fair, Eddy did send a blank, mint postcard in the cover. The postcard shows a multiview of Adelaide, SA. I like the 1998 International Space Station stamp and the Outback Services stamp of 2001.It would be great to get a postcard from The International Space Station. That would be quite the feat. Eddy also included a number of used stamps including the set of Australian Legends , or at least 7 of 8. I will be missing one of Geoffrey Rush. All in all, not a bad swap, thanks Eddy.

Now as they say, get your cards and letters in, be sure to enter the above mentioned contest. Of course, I don't really know who may be entering , until I actually receive an entry. Will keep you advised. If you want , leave a comment as to your entry.


Leslie said...

I still have one more box to search through, but so far, I'm not having much luck finding an entry! Either I am just lucky to receive nice cards, or else I am too optimistic and am having a hard time calling any card officially "ugly." ;) But I'll keep hunting!

To be be more serious, I do have a limited amount of storage for my cards, so if something truly hideous arrives, I usually just throw it away, rather than give it any of the space in my boxes (making it hard now for me to find an entry). In fact, a few days after you announced your contest, I got an ugly official card, from a seaside Dutch town, with a very unflattering view of a very large woman in a very small bikini swimsuit, taken from behind... that went straight into the trash (after registering it), out of habit. And then I remembered your contest a bit later, went running back to get the card from the trash, and it already had food on it and couldn't be saved!! I was so mad at myself! That one DEFINITELY had a chance to win. ;)

Trevor said...

Beautiful Alaska card!

REDLAN said...

Good thing you already received my postcard from Philippines. I put 2stamps on it. Usually I bought stamps then pasted it on my postcards and drop on the postal box. How come it came in metered stamp. I wonder.

REDLAN said...

Wait, sorry maybe it's not mine. You did not mentioned the sender's name and I forgot what postcard I sent for you. My apology.

Lhise said...

Hello Glenn,
I think it's a shame to remove the pictures of postcards that have been uploaded by the sender on the Postcrossing site.
I was careful to download all the postcards, the ones I receive and send those also. And now ... I am missing one! Snif. :o(
PS: Sorry for my bad English.