Friday, June 19, 2009

Three New Postcards

Doha, Burton and Alaska. That is where the three postcards in today's blog update are from. First let's look at the Doha card. Doha is the capital city of Qatar, an Arab emirate in the Middle East. In 2005 Doha's population was 400 thousand and a bit. Doha is the economic center of the country , as well as the seat of government. One of the unusual things about Doha is that the majority of residents are expatriates, with Qatari nationals forming the minority. The card shows a young Qatari boy studying the Qu'ran in the early light of a Gulf morning. This card was a complete surprise . It is from Trevor , one of the expat majority. Trevor happened upon this blog and decided to send a postcard. I love it when that happens , thanks Trevor. Trevor mentioned on the card that he is a Canadian, a fellow Newfoundlander and was even born in Grand Falls, my Hometown. Obviously that makes him a great guy in my book. There is a card on the way for you Trevor, my friend. Two great stamps from 2008 were used on this card. The stamp on the left celebrates The Museum of Islamic Art. The stamp on the right is one of a set of 4. Too bad about the heavy cancellation. The set of 4 is just a wonderful set and a set that I wouldn't mind adding to my collection. The 4 stamps show Streetlife in Souq Waqif or Standing Market . It was a real pleasure to get this card from a guy from Grand Falls.

The next card is a rather uniquely shaped card. It is a cut out of a London Taxi Cab. The card is from a Postcrosser named Laura, a young Finnish girl working in Burton , England. This taxi cab shaped card brings back some memories from the seventies. My wife and I visited London in the seventies and frequented these cabs often. Thanks Laura for this fine card.

The last card for today , from Alaska, shows the Aurora Borealis (Northern Lights) glowing above a Cessna floatplane. Quite a relaxing scene. The card is from Kris of the blog fame. He knows of my aircraft and airlines on postcards collection. Thanks Kris. On this card we see the 13 Mile Woods , 72 cent airmail rate stamp from 2008 and the 24 cent Common Buckeye butterfly stamp from 2006.

A short but sweet update this day. Have a great weekend everyone.


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