Wednesday, June 17, 2009

My 1000 th Postcard

I guess before I get to the 1000th card, I should say a few words about last week. On Monday , June 8th I started off the week with a new country, Timor-Leste and with my 2nd postcard contest. It was just so good to start off the week on such a positive note. Of course the week went totally downhill from there. Postcards were kind of scattered during the week and those that did arrive were very uninspiring and fairly uninteresting. The stamps on them were pretty uninteresting and boring , too. I was in a postcard funk the whole week. I really didn't have much to blog about. Then in the midst of this postcard funk I receive a card from The U.S with a Bart Simpson stamp and one from Belgium, with a Smurf stamp. As a stamp collector of more than 40 years, I have to ask , don't countries have anything more important, more interesting, more beautiful and more relative to their country to honor on a stamp ? If I were asked, Bart Simpson and Smurfs wouldn't even make the list. And, if that wasn't enough, not one person, not a single postcard collector, not even a blog reader entered my contest about the 1000th postcard. On that note, I can now announce due to a huge lack of interest there is no winner in contest number 2.

Now on to more positive things like postcards. Well, my 1000th stamped postcard arrived yesterday. It was from Belgium. A Postcrosser, Krista sent the card, her 3rd. The first two from her have never arrived. The card shows a number of building , 13 in fact , located in various Belgian cities.
It was very exciting to finally receive number 1000. I started collecting March 01, 2006. So 1000 cards in just over 3 years is pretty good, I think. First let me thank Krista for her milestone card and 999 others for all the rest.

Now for a card from Finland. It shows a bunch of young guys having a picnic , maybe just outside a sauna. The card is titled Cleanliness is half a meal. And the stamp shows a bunch of big guys inside a sauna. The stamp , issued this year is from a booklet of 5 stamps , themed around saunas and health. My thanks to Postcrosser Jorma for this unique card.

Finally we have another card from Finland. Another sauna card and sauna stamp. This one is a First Day of Issue for the stamp. Thanks to Virpi, another Postcrosser for this card.

That's this day's update. I guess I blew off enough steam above , hopefully I won't lose any readers, if indeed I actually have any, re contest. On a brighter note, I am expecting postcards from Ivory Coast, Mayotte and The UN in Austria. Also there is a slight possibility of a card from Sao Tome and Principe and finally Tuvalu . I actually succeeded in contacting someone in Tuvulu but he is driving a hard bargain.

Take care .

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Leslie said...

I'm sorry to hear about the contest! Since I'm a very-very new reader of your blog, and hadn't yet introduced myself, I didn't feel comfortable joining. Anyway, I would never have guessed Belgium - and now I've introduced myself! :) I have your posts on my reader feed and I always enjoy them.

Sorry about the mail slump, too. I live on a university campus and the housing office stops delivering the mail every day during the summer - they haven't come by at all since Monday, so I'm having a postal slump of my own!