Thursday, June 18, 2009

A Mexico Postcard

I have finally received the postcard from Mexico that I have been expecting for well over a month. The card was posted in Puerto Vallarta sometime between April 18 and April 25. However , one can see from the postmark that it was only postmarked on June 2nd. Where was it for the month of May, who knows? I am certainly glad that it has finally arrived though. The card shows Las Estacas Beach in Puerto vallarta. It is a beautiful beach situated on the south of Puerto Vallata, a Mexican resort city located on the Pacific Ocean's Bay of Flags. This card is from Stephen, Sara and Evan- my son, my daughter-in-law and my wonderful grandson. So as you can see, its arrival was extra special. Stephen used a 2007 stamp from a set of 11 values featuring popular handicrafts.

And as they say down Mexico way, Adios.


Thomas said...

Hello Glenn

Sorry for missing the competition... seems like a missed chance to me, Belgium would not have been that hard to guess for me... :)

Anyway, concerning your Smurfs comment: to be honest, I kind of like these stamps. I grew up with watching the Smurfs on television and reading Smurfs strips, so they are part of my and many other people's childhood. The Smurfs are part of Belgium's cultural heritage, if I can call it like that, so I believe they have deserved the right to feature on some stamps, no?

I do understand that some people don't like this kind of stamps; but that's something one has to decide for himself. :)

Hope you won't be too mad with me for leaving a 'dissenting opinion' on your blog... :)

Hear you later!

Gem from Calgary said...

Not at all Thomas. If controversy leads to people leaving a comment , I 'm all for it. But I still don't like the Simpson and Smurf stamps. I also put the Disney US stamps in the same category .I meant nothing against Belgium, we in Canada have issued some dud stamps over the years also, and continue to do so..