Thursday, April 9, 2009

A Big Bunch of Cards, 14 In All

Well I am back, and I didn't even go anywhere. I'm back to blogging after a number of days without. Even though I didn't blog, cards continued to arrive, thankfully. Fourteen, in fact. Now I won't bore you with all of then, just maybe 4 today and 4 or 5 tomorrow. No new cards will arrive tomorrow as Good Friday is a Federal Holiday here in Canada, so Canada post has the day off. Now, on to our first card.
It comes to me from Geneva, Switzerland. It was sent from WIPO, the World Intellectual Property Organization . The card shows the Geneva headquarters building of WIPO. The stamp used, 2 copies on the card, is from 1982. It is 1 of 5 stamps issued by Switzerland for this UN group. WIPO is 1 of 11 different UN groups that Switzerland has issued official stamps for , to be used for UN business from Switzerland. Unfortunately , my card and stamps arrived uncancelled. I am glad to have received it just the same.

Card number 2 is from Greece. It was sent by Postcrosser Nopi. It shows the island of Zakynthos or at least a portion of it along with it's famous ship-wreck beach. The ship shown on the card wrecked there in 1983. The beautiful beach is only accessible by boat and according to Nopi , it is the 2nd most photographed place of Greece after the Acropolis. I think I can safely say that if I am ever lucky enough to visit Greece, this cove and beach on Zakynthos will be on the top of my list of sights to see and experience. The stamp on the card is from 2008 and is 1 of a set of 5 stamps featuring sports clubs.

Now a card from Kris of Fairbanks , Alaska. This is another of a number of great cards Kris has sent my way. Give him a looksee at . Kris's card is another one that I can add to my airlines and airliners on postcards collection. It shows an American Airlines Convair 990 Astrojet from the late fifties , early sixties. Only 37 were made and lack of passenger capacity was the downfall of this particular jet aircraft. Some of the airlines that operated 990s were American, Swissair, Garuda, and Spantax along with Nasa , which operated 3 of them. Kris used the 2008 Bette Davis stamp along with 1 of the new 2009 civil rights stamps.

The last card for today is from Chile. Nothing extra special about that except the actual town it came from . Puerto Williams , the southernmost town in the world. Puerto Williams has a population of just over 2000 and is the capital of the Chilean Antartica Region. The card shows Cabo de Hornos National Park, the world's southernmost national park. The card is 1 of 2 , received today from Randy of Sim Expeditions. Check out his tour website at . Randy used 2 stamps from 2008 highlighting Torres del Paine National Park.

Thanks to WIPO, Nopi, Kris and Randy. Great cards and stamps. And that's what this is all about.

I'll be here tomorrow with another update.

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