Wednesday, September 10, 2008

New Postal Entity #197

Three cards arrived yesterday, from Portugal, Oklahoma, USA and Madeira, Portugal. The card from Madeira is entity #197. It is the latest stamp issuing country or entity from which I have received a stamped and posted postcard.
I acquired this card through a private swap with Sara P , a Postcrosser who lives in Funchal. Funchal is the capital of Madeira. Madeira is an autonomous region of Portugal in the north Atlantic Ocean. Located closer to North Africa, it has always been a part of Europe. It is a popular year round resort, famous for its wine and its New Year's Eve fireworks , which is the largest in the world, according to Guiness World Record. Madeira, first settled in 1420 now has a population of approximately 246,000. The island's motto is : of all islands, the most beautiful and free.
Sara's card shows a view of Funchal and Cabo Girao, the world's second highest sea cliff. She used a Portugal, Madeira stamp that was issued in 2007. It is 1 of a set of 2 issued for marine life.
The card from Oklahoma was sent by Lance , another Postcrosser. Í think the card is self explanatory but Lance says that his state is known for cowboys and that if it has legs and a place to tie a saddle on, those cowboys will ride it. Now , I live in Alberta, also known for cowboys, but I'n not sure our cowboys would go that far. They like their bulls and horses , even including wild broncos. I'm not sure they would saddle-up a Richardson Ground Squirrel. Oh well, each to their own, I guess.
The final card today is another card from Portugal. It was sent by Paula who lives in Lisbon, and need I say another Postcrosser. As I have said in earlier posts, if you like postcards , Postcrossing is the place to be. It's free to join at Paula used a prepaid postcard which is valid for mailing anywhere in the world. The postcard shows an old tram car operating as part of the transit system in Lisbon. Also interesting is that the picture representing a postpaid stamp is actually a part of the tram.

As always, if inclined , leave your comments . I certainly welcome them.

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Sara - Postcrosser said...

Hi Glenn!
It's Sara from Madeira. I see you're very well informed about the places you get the postcards, that's great, I wish everybody would do the same and try to learn a little bit about this world :)
The fish in the stamp is very traditional here, in english I think it's called Largehead hairtail or beltfish, you can find some informations in wikipedia.
We often cook it and almost every restaurant in the island have it, "filete de espada" is the name of the dish. It's fried and stays like this:
a lot of people eat it with banana and passion fruit but personally I prefer it by itself :)