Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Four Postcards For Today

I have four postcards to look at today. The cards are from France, Taiwan,ROC, Finland and Japan. The first card , from France was sent by fellow blogger Eric. His blog is at . His card shows Saint Michel d'Aiguilhe Chapel in Le Puy-En-Velay. Le Puy-En-Velay is a typical town in the center of France. The cathedral here is listed as a UNESCO World Heritage Site. Eric used 2 stamps on the card that were issued 06 Sept 2008. In fact they are both postmarked First Day of Issue. Thanks Eric for this great card.

My second card is from Taiwan, R.O.C. It shows the Taipei Postal Museum. The museum, established on December 1, 1965 is a stamp collector's delight. It is one of the best storehouses of information related to the history of stamps , of the city and the country. This card is both a postcard and an entrance ticket to the Postal Museum. It was used as a ticket 23 years ago. The card was sent by a regular contributor Wei Yi. He wrote this card out on a very special day for him, Sept 03 , 2008 , the day that his first child was born. Congratulations to you Wei Yi and to your wife. All the best.
I am showing the 3 great stamps that Wei Yi used , and here is some information about them.
From left to right the NT$6 was issued Oct 15, 1999 for The Taiwanese Opera. The NT$3 , issued Sept26,1990 celebrating the 50th Anniversary of The Flying Tigers coming to China and finally the NT$2, issued Oct 10,1984 , a commemorative honouring the New Postal Museum Building . Thanks Wei Yi for all this info.

The Finland card is from Postcrosser Hanna. The card shows a work of art by Jan-Erik Andersson entitled The House By The shore. Hanna used 2 stamps that a connection to her home town of Espoo. Espoo is celebrating its 550 anniversary this year and the stamp on the left is celebrating that event. It is 1 of a set of 3 honouring Espoo. The bright colour is said to represent summer. The clock stamp on the right was issued for The Espoo Museum of Modern Art, which houses a clock museum. Great stamps , both. Thanks Hanna.

The final card is from Japan and was sent by Yuko another Postcrosser. The card shows a hearth in the floor. Yuko used a couple of stamps on the card. The one on the left I have mentioned before. The larger one on the right was issed this year to promote local festivals. It is 1 of a set issued in a minisheet of 10.
That's all for today.
See you tomorrow.


JMS1943 said...

Hi Gem, I have some information about the stamps on the postcard from taiwan. The midle one was issued in 26-Sep-1990, its commemoratived 50th Anniversary of "Flying Tigers" Coming to China. In an effort to counter Japanese military aggression, Colonel Claire Lee Chennault, air advisor to China, under authorization of Generalissimo Chiang Kai-shek, formed the American Volunteer Group (AVG)-more commonly known as the 〝Flying Tigers〞-on August 1, 1941. This small force of at most 270 men, consisting of American pilots and ground crew personnel, provided an effective air defense for Yunnan Province in southwestern China and its neighboring Burma. The AVG was disbanded in July 1942 after the U.S. declared war on Japan. The Flying Tigers fought heroically and selflessly. Their presence in China considerably lifted the morale of the Chinese people during those hardest years.

Eric from Jura said...

Hi Glenn,
happy to see my special postcard from France on your blog :-)
Thanks for your nice cover from Canada, i'll speak about soon on my philatelic blog !
just one thing : my exact website is, so thanks in advance for the correction :-)