Monday, March 10, 2008

Trinidad & Tobago Postcard

Today, Monday, I received 2 postcards in the mail. One was from Finland, sent by Postcrosser Lilian. The other was from Trinidad and Tobago and was a result of my participation in The Postcard Exchange . My highlighted card today is the Trinidad & Tobago card, sent by Salisha. It shows Angel Reef, just off Speyside on the island of Tobago. According to Salisha, Speyside is one of the most popular beaches in Tobago. It is also where the Brain Coral is among the largest in the world. Trinidad and Tobago is located in the southern Caribbean lying Northeast of Venezuela and South of Grenada. It's capital is Port of Spain. The country covers an area of 5128 square kilometers. Unlike most of the Caribbean, the country is a primarily industrialised country whose economy is based on petroleum and petrochemicals.

The stamp that Salisha used is one of a set of 9 definitives , showing historical buildings . It was issued 14 Dec 2007. As a stamp collector, I must note that unfortunately it has some damage on the upper right corner. As a postcard collector, I realize that it completed its job , as the postcard has arrived. This particular stamp shows Hayes Court, the Anglican Bishop's Residence. It was completed in 1910 and named after the saintly and gifted Bishop Thomas Hayes, who was the second Bishop of The Anglican Diocese of Trinidad and Tobago. Architecturally , Hayes Court reflects a combination of the quiet graciousness of the French and English country house design, with its high ceilings, mahogany staircase, wrought-iron work and wood panelling.

All things aside, Trinidad and Tobago would be a great place to be now for a week or so. It would take the edge of Winter just fine. Oh well, it doesn't hurt to dream.

More tomorrow, hopefully.


Baris YAKAR said...

Thank you my friend... :)

Salisha said...

I'm very impressed with all the reasearch you did into the postcard. Sorry for the damage to the stamp. Sometimes the workers at the post office aren't too careful when ripping out the stamp but once it's still good enough to post, they let you use it.