Friday, March 7, 2008

Postcard From Hong Kong

Postcards have been a little scarce this past week. I received one card on Thursday and one card on Friday. I am highlighting the card I got on Thursday. It is a card from Hong Kong, China, however it was sent by Igor Adolph of Germany. The card shows a very large JAL aircraft flying over Kowloon City on its way to the old Kai Tak Airport. From the picture, I can imagine the dishes shaking in the cupboards. Kai Tak operated for 73 years from 1925-1998. The photo on the card was taken by Edmond Chan.
Igor used a nice bird stamp , issued in 2006, one of a set of 16 bird definitives. One other note about this card. It is a leap year card, as it is postdated 29-2-2008.
Thats all for this week, more next week.
Thanks for reading.

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webmastermarkt said...

thanks Glenn.
The stamp is used by Victoria Peak, the highest post-office in HongKong.