Monday, March 17, 2008

Postcards and Stamps

First today, I want to show a card from Norway. I haven't received very many cards from Norway, maybe just 2 or 3. This card , I received through Postcrossing. It was sent from Stavanger by La and Joey. They used a wonderful set of 4 Norway stamps , that were issued in 2007 and feature marine life in that area. A wonderful set of stamps. Thanks guys.
Even though this blog is about postcards, I do sometimes receive a cover or two. Such is the case today. I received a cover from China (Peoples Republic). It was sent by Igor Adolph , who just happens to be in Ningbo, China , at the present time. Igor's blog is at . Give him a look. He was in Hong Kong last week and sent me a postcard from there also. Thanks Igor. Back to the cover. I am just showing the stamps on the cover at this time. It is a pre-stamped cover to which Igor added two extra stamps. The pre-stamped value is just 5 fen , while the added stamps are 120 fen each. The top stamp was issued 19June 2007 and is 1 of a set of 3 showing Wudalianchi Lake. The Bottom stamp , issued 20May 2007 , honors Tongji University.
Finally, I want to close with a couple of funny cards , at least to some and certainly me. The card with the woolen socks is from Finland, sent by Henna , another Postcrosser. The last card with the ladies underwear was sent by Marsaine of Germany.
Have fun with your postcards, stamps and covers.

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