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New Country # 267

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Hello once again. I'm back with a few cards - some of which have a story and a couple that may not. We'll find out a little later.

If you noticed the title, you'll know I have received a card from a new country. New country or stamp issuing entity # 267. And I didn't even realize it. How stupid is that ? I received a card from Guinea-Bissau back on Jan 15th. It's been sitting on my desk since then and I never thought much more about it. Then Bingo- the light went on today, so it's great to start this update with a new country.

Guineau-Bissau is a tropical country on West Africa's Atlantic coast. Its capital Bissau is a port with Portuguese colonial buildings. The country has a population of around 1.86 million.   Guineau-Bissau declared its Independence from Portugal in September 1973 and it was recognized in September 1974. The country has a history of political instability since independence , and no elected president has successfully served a full five year term. And that concludes today's history lesson.

Here's the card from Guinea-Bissau. It was mailed back in October, so it has taken quite a while to arrive. It was signed by Peter but I didn't know any Peter down that way. I have since come to know that it was sent by Peter at the request of Gerda. So Big Thanks to Peter and to Gerda. The card shows Che Guevara Square in the capital of Bissau.

Peter used a stamp from 2011 showing the country's Coat of Arms.

Now with Guinea-Bissau crossed off the list, I just have 8 places left on that list. They are Central African Republic, Congo ( DRC ) Liberia, Sierre Leone, South Sudan, Niuafo ' ou, Australian Antarctic  Territory and Transnistria- the split away republic from Moldova.

If you think that card took a long time, approximately 3 months - well it's not unique to Africa. These next 2 cards are from Las Vegas and they took just about 3 months , too. My Lovely Teena and I visited Vegas back in the middle of October. Here is her card to me. The City of Light, Las Vegas with The Eiffel Tower front and center. Sounds somewhat familiar to somewhere else I believe. The Vegas tower is half the size of Paris at 164.6 m compared to 324 m , but it still afforded a great view of The Strip.

Teena used a Wonder Woman stamp from 2016, a JFK stamp from 2017 and a City of New York Airports WPA Poster stamp also from 2017.
All received a great Downtown Sta postmark on Jan 8, 2019, even though we were there in Oct 2018. I can't explain it ! 

Card 2 from Vegas is a 3D card showing the Coke Store on the Vegas Strip. I visited the store and found this card and a few other. Whenever I see a 3D card I have to buy it. They are great to look at in your hand but don't show their effect in the scan here.

I remember as a boy , we could buy a coke or a large coke. I think it's a BIG coke on the front of the store. Here you can sample 16 of Coca Cola's international offerings, snap a selfie with the famous Coke polar bear, check out a selection of Coke bottles and cans, and shop for every possible Coke branded souvenir.

There are 3 WPA Posters stamps on this card , all with the Jan 9, 2019 postmark.

Remember when people said  they read Playboy for the articles, well, I'm showing this card for the stamp, at least that's my story and I'm sticking to it. The card shows a pin-up by Gil Elvgren. He was an American painter of pin-up girls.

Alena, a Postcroser from Zilina, in the northwest of Slovakia sent this card. She used what I think is an outstanding stamp, along with a label there on the left. It's just a good looking stamp all around with great coloring. It was issued in 2018 and is a Joint Issue with Turkey. It shows an Ottoman Manuscript from the Basagie Collection.

Next is a Flag series card from Albania. One learns a lot about a country from these cards. Shown on the card is the country's population, area, capital, and history. Flag design and Coat of Arms are also shown. So here is Albania.

Indrit used a couple of large stamps here. On the left , from 2011, is 1 of 4 stamps in a set showing Antique Silver Artifacts. The other 2 are from a 2007 set of 12 showing Albanian National Costumes.

Here we go, time for today's final card and it's from The Netherlands. Perhaps a little fun to end off  with.

My translation of the caption is " Reading can reduce blood circulation and cause impotence " . And my friends that is why I don't and never have read in bed.

Marriette used 3 wonderful Aviation themed stamps on her card. They are from a set of 10 issued in 2009 commemorating the 100th Anniversary of Motorized Aviation in the Netherlands. The small stamp if from 2008, 1 of 2 in a set called Beautiful Netherlands.

That's it, that's all I'm writing today. Thanks for cards today go out to My Lovely Teena, Peter & Gerda, Alena, Indritand Marriette.

Oh yes, one more small bit of housekeeping - I won't be here for a month or so - I'm off to follow the sun and warm temperatures. But I'll find time to send some cards out from here & there - the warm places. Take care - be sure to come back in a month or so.

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