Friday, March 23, 2018

Johan's Day On GemsWorldPostcards

  Hello again - as the title above implies, it's all cards from Johan that will be showcased here today. I received three cards from him this week.
Let's start with this card showing St Michael's Cathedral . This is a Roman Catholic church in Brussels. It was given cathedral status in 1962. Construction took about 300 years and was completed in 1519.


        Johan used a very recent stamp, issued on March 3rd of this year, It is from a set of 5 Animal Footprints.


Johan's second card shows Peter Paul Rubens self portrait. It is an oil on canvas , painted between 1628 and 1630. Rubens home, studio and even his grave are all located in Antwerp.


The stamp  is from a set of 5 Rubens's Paintings. It received a special Rubens cancellation from it's First Day sale.


Sadly the infamous pen canceler struck again and ruined a great stamp. Belgium or Canada  - who can say ?     

Here's the 3rd and final card from Johan for this time. It's an artsy card of the Kosmopolote Art Tour - the international graffiti festival founded in 2002.

On this card we see 2 quite large  and  fancy stamps. They are 2 of a set of 5 issued  to showcase Street Art, which Johan's card celebrates.

That's it for today. All thanks go to Johan for his cards. Feel free to come back again soon. I have 2 nice cards on hand which I hope to put up here sometime this weekend.     Take care.               

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