Wednesday, October 25, 2017

Hokkaido Train, Judith, Merlion , ANA Star Wars and Oak Island

Hello again postcard people. I'm back with a few more cards to have a look at. The title of this post pretty well gives you a hint of the cards to be featured today. Let's start with a Train card from Hokkaido, Japan - perhaps it's the Hokkaido Express or something along those lines.

Postcrosser Yulia who lives near Osaka sent this card. She used a couple of recent stamps. The one on the right is from 2016 and is 1 of 10 in the Letter Writing Day set.

My second card shows Gustav Klimt's 1901 oil painting  " Judith and the Head of Holofernes " .

Anna Maria used 3 stamps from this current year. The stamp on the left celebrates Modern Architecture in Austria. The center stamp is  from a set of Austria's Heraldry. The stamp here features the Salzburg Coat of Arms. The stamp on the right honors painter Herbert Boeckl.

It's over to Singapore for this next card. It's a look at Merlion with Marina Bay Sands in the background. Merlion is a mythical creature with a lion's head and the body of a fish. It is 8.6 meters tall and spouts water from its mouth.

Jean Pierre used a nice large Bird stamp  from this year's set of 4 Kingfishers.


This next card is the latest addition to my Aircraft / Airline on Postcard Collection. We have an ANA B777-200 , an ANA B777-300 and an ANA B787.  All in Star Wars livery. 

Midori used an Aviation stamp on her card. It was issued in 2010 and is from a set of 10 commemorating the 100th Anniversary of Aviation in Japan. A very nice set and one I would love to add to my collection.

Last card call - here's the last card for today. It's a look at Oak Island, North Carolina, USA.  Oak Island is a beach town with a population of just over 6,700, but in summer that population balloons to between 30 - 50,000. 

Skipper used one of the often seen Round Forever stamps from the U.S. I don't think I need to show it here again.

Just so you know , there is an Oak Island in Nova Scotia , Canada. This one has been the subject of buried pirate treasure for hundreds of years. Still nothing to report after many expeditions to recover the booty. There is even a television series called " The Curse of Oak Island " .  Maybe someday, someone will strike it rich.

That's it for this time. Thanks for postcards go out to Yulia, Anna Maria, Jean Pierre, Midori and Skipper. Hope you enjoyed your read here and that you'll find time to drop by again soon. Take care.

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