Tuesday, October 10, 2017

Cards From Here and There

Hello again, it's been a little longer than I thought it would be , since the last update. A little trip down to our nation's capital and Canadian Thanksgiving kind of got in the way. So now it's on to the cards.

First up is a little surprise card from my home province of Newfoundland. It's an old time black and white photo of a yacht entering St. John's.  The city was settled by the British in the 1600s.

The card was posted in Victoria, northeast of St. John's.  It is from Deb & Bill. The stamp was issued in 2014 and is from the continuous Baby Wildlife definitives set and features 3 Burrowing Owls.

Next up is this beautiful card from Saranda. The city is a resort on the Albanian Riviera in southern Albania, near the Greek border.  Located near that border, Saranda has a large Greek population.

This card is compliments of Indrit. He used a stamp from 2014, 1 of 6 in a set of Museum Objects.

Be sure to check out Indrit's great postcard blog called Postcard Albania and here's  the link to it.

Today's third card is from Belgium and shows the gate of the beguinage of Diest, located about 60 km from Brussels. The gate dates from 1671. The beguinage was listed as a UNESCO WH Site in 1998. It has 80 individual and 5 communal houses.

Gerda used 3 stamps on her card.  Top left is a 2002 stamp, 1 of 20 in a Turn of A Century issue. Bottom left , issued 2000, is 1 of 20 in another Turn of A Century set. The stamp on the right is from 2016, 1 of 10 in a set of Nobel Laureates. Shown is Belgian Immunologist Jules Bordet.

Gerda has a wonderful postcard blog called My Postcard-Page and you can find it  right here .

Now from Belgium lets swing on over to Africa, Nigeria to be exact. The card shows a part of Yankari Game Reserve , now Nigeria's biggest National Park, in Bauchi State.

Bruce used 2 definitive Hologram stamps from the 2010 set of 10.

I think that will do for this time. Thanks for cards going out to Deb & Bill, Indrit, Gerda and Bruce. Thanks for dropping in and be sure to come by again.  Take care.


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