Sunday, March 26, 2017

More March Madness

No not that March Madness , basketball - but POSTCARDS. Let's start with a card from Mozambique, just my 2nd card from this African country. Bruce's card shows some of the art and culture of Mozambique.

Bruce used a couple of 2014 stamps celebrating 800 Years of the Portuguese Language.

My next card shows a Pin-Up from the March 1936 issue of Reel Screen Fun. I'm sure it's not easy capturing music notes in a hat. The card is from a PostCrosser living in Belfort, France.

Mary used a lovely older stamp from 1970 featuring Louis XIV.

Here's another card from France with an even older stamp. Here we see The Palace of Versailles, France's most famous and grand palace.  It was Louis XIV , the guy on the stamp above, who transformed his father's hunting lodge into the monumental Palace of Versailles in the mid 17th century.  

Dominique used a stamp from 1967 showing Francois I. It is of a painting of the King by Jean Clouet.

Now it's a card from Finland featuring Aira Samulin , the Finnish dance teacher and entrepreneur. She's 90 years old and still going strong, energetic and positive. Her quote on the front says " The most important thing is attitude to life " .  I guess we all could learn something from her.

Auli used a couple of stamps from 2015. They are from a set of 4 entitled Art Post.

It's a nice tree lined walk on this next card. It's National Park Hoge Kempem, the only official National Park in Belgium.  Mostly pine forest, the area was placed on UNESCO's Tentative List for consideration as a World Heritage Site in May of 2011.

Gerda used great stamps on her card. On the left is a 2000 stamp, 1 of 20 in a sheet, celebrating Henry Moore and his work. The set is called Turn of a Century. The other 2 large stamps are from 2001 , and are 2 of a sheet of 20, also called Turn of a Century. Then of course there's the Owl.

Think I'll call it a day there. Thanks for the cards go out to Bruce, Mary, Dominique, Auli and Gerda. Be sure to give Gerda's postcard blog a look. It'll be worth it. It's called " My Postcard-Page " and you can find it right here .

Take care and don't be shy - drop by again soon.

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