Friday, February 24, 2017

Ten (10 ) Cards

Hello again. Yes, the title says Ten cards. Hopefully I'll get that many in today. I have lots of cards on hand so I thought 10 would be a good number for this go around .

Card # 1 - Let's start with a nice 3-D card  from Banff. Some 3-D cards are well worth the extra cost and this is one of them. Hopefully it scanned well. You can see on this card, Moraine Lake and the Valley of The Ten Peaks, Castle Mountain and The Fairmont Banff Springs Hotel - Canada's Castle in the Rockies. The hotel, located in the heart of Banff National Park, a UNESCO World Heritage Site, has been a landmark  for more that 125 years, opening on June 1, 1888.

My Lovely Teena dropped this one in the mail for me. We recently had a nice 2 day road trip to Banff and Lake Louise. Teena used a 2016 Permanent Plus stamp . The permanent 85 cents paid the normal first class rate and the extra 10 cents goes to the Canada Post Community Foundation.

Card # 2 - Green tongued girl - what else can I say ?

This card is from Sherryl, a Postcrosser living at Lake Constance, near the Alps. She used a couple of nice stamps. On the left is a nice Aviation themed stamp from 2011. It shows a Glider at the Wasserkuppe, the highest peak in the Rhon Mountains. On the right is a 2009 stamp celebrating the 500th Anniversary of the Frankenberg Town Hall.

Card # 3 - Here's a card from Baarle, Belgium. Walking in Baarle offers a unique experience. You constantly cross between Belgium and the Netherlands. The Belgium part Baarle-Hertog includes 22 exclaves within Dutch territory. On the right side of the card you can see the border delineated on the brick of the roadway - B for Belgium , and NL for Netherlands. Many buildings straddle both countries. For these properities, here is the policy that applies- their address lies in the country that contains their front door. To make it easier, every house number plaque shows a flag of the country in which it lies.

Gerda used a lovely stamp from 2014. It was issued for International Woman Day. It includes 606 words, the most words ever on a stamp and was recognized by Guinness as a World Record. The stamp also depicts the face of a woman made exclusively from words.

Card # 4 - This one arrived from Laos and was a bit of a surprise. It is from Ana from Macedonia who now lives in China. She certainly gets around. Ana's card shows 3 lovely ladies from Laos in local attire.

Ana used 2 fine stamps, too. On the left , from 2010, is one celebrating 450 years of Vientiane as capital. It is from a set of 4 stamps. Over on the right is 1 of 7 in a 2005 set depicting different Buddhas.

Card # 5 - A new addition to my Airline / Aircraft Postcard Collection, the first in a while. Today it's Air Dolomiti's Embraer ERJ-195 LR, registered as I-ADJO. Air Dolomiti is an Italian regional aorline with its head office in Dossobuono, Italy.
 It is a wholly owned subsidiary of Lufthansa.

This card is a first time swap with Nadine in France. She used a 2016 stamp showing former French President Francois Mitterrand.

That's five down, we're half way there.

Card # 6 - Dominique's card celebrates the 7th edition of the Loire Festival, which took place from 23 to 27 of September 2015. The festival is a large gathering of boats of yesteryear and has taken place since 2003 on a biannual basis.

Dominique used an older commemorative from 1967 on this one. It is from a Tourism issue featuring the landscape of La Baule in western France.

Card # 7 - I've been collecting postcards for just a little over 10 years now and only had one from Albania in all that time. Now I have a second, thanks to Indrit. Be sure to check out his fine postcard blog called " Postcard Albania " right here . Indrit's card gives a look in Gjirokastra, a city in southern Albania dating back to 1336. Its old town is a UNESCO World Heritage Site , having been designated as such in 2005.

Indrit used 2 stamps, on the left is a 2004 stamp , 1 of 25 in a set celebrating 50 Years of the National Gallery of Arts. On the right is 1 of 2 from 2014 highlighting a Kuci Meeting.

Card # 8 - Now it's another one from Jobbo, from Thailand . This one shows some Thai Royal memorabilia, a couple of old calendars from 1996 and a Royal photo on the wall.

As usual on Jobbo's card, this one also arrived with a bunch of stamps - 5 in fact. Let's get to them. Top left - 1 of 5 issued for National Children's Day, bottom left - 1 of 4 issued 1998 fir International Year of Oceans.  The middle stamps - top - 1 of 6 issued in 1992 to celebrate The Queen's 60th Birthday. The bottom middle stamp is 1 of 6 issued in 1990 showing Royal Palaces. Lastly, the stamp on the right was issued in 2006, 1 of 6 celebrating The King's Diamond Jubilee.

Card # 9 - Another card from Thailand, this time from Jean Pierre. This card shows many of the Buddhas in Wat Pho. Here you can find the largest collection of Buddhas and the largest reclining Buddha.

Jean Pierre used 3 stamps on his card. The stamp on the left and also the middle stamp were issued in 2016, 2 of 6 showcasing the Songkran Festival, the Thai New Year's festival.  The larger stamp on the right dates from 2014 , showing Buddha and celebrates the Chinese New Year.

Card # 10 - The last one for today. And it's from Turkey. It's a wide view of Antalya, a Turkish city, a gateway to Turkey's southern Mediterranean region. It was first settled around 200 BC.

This card is a private swap with Levent. He used 2 Bird stamps from 2004. They were issued in a set of 8.

So there it is. Ten cards down. Thanks for all of today's great cards go out to Levent, My Lovely Teena, Gerda, Ana, Sherryl,Jean Pierre, Jobbo, Indrit, Nadine, and Dominique. Thanks to all reading this and do drop by again soon. Any thoughts, comments, etc, just leave a comment. Take care.


Indrit Muha said...

I am really glad you receive my card. Gjirokastra is wonderful. You should visit it.
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