Monday, February 27, 2017

Maybe , Maybe Not the Last Postcard in February

The end of the month is near. Tomorrow in fact. I have a number of cards to have a look at today. Who knows about tomorrow ? We'll see how it pans out.

My first card today arrived from Bandung, Indonesia. The city is located 768 metres above sea level , approximately 140 kilometres south east of Jakarta. As a result of its elevation, Bandung has cooler temperatures year round than most other Indonesian cities. Narita's card show tea pickers of Ciwidey, an area known for tea plantations , about 30 km south of Bandung.

Narita used 2 stamps on her card. On the left is a 2011 stamp , 1 of 3 in a set commemorating the Year of the Rabbit. On the right , from 2015, is 1 of 8 in a set showcasing North Kalimantan Province.

The second card for today is from Bulgaria. Not a country I have received many cards from. But everyone is one more that I'm happy to have . On Lisa's card we can see a few sights from around the country - Tsarevets Hill, The Arbanasi Monastery, along with a couple of buildings in Gabrovo and Tryavna.

The stamps used are small and topical. On the left is 1 2014 issued stamp showing a Mushroom. If is from a set of 4. On the right is a Butterfly stamp from 2014, also from a set of 4.

Now it's a long card from Germany showing a cool summer time activity.  Newcomer Postcrosser Alexander sent this card from Mainz.

Alexander used a fairly common Flower definitive on his card.

I think my next card, from Austria, is quite self explanatory.  All you need is Love.  -- or Beer !

Tamara , a Postcrosser from Carinthia in southern Austria sent this card. She wrote that the area is known for its lakes and mountains and also it special beer called Lei Lei. Tamara used a nice 2016 stamp of the Gleichenberger Bahn.

An old time log train from Northern California is the subject of this next card.

Those are big logs indeed, but I have seen them bigger out on Vancouver Island.

Jeannie wrote that her husband is fond of trains and they often stop in their travels at any train museums that they come across. They also follow abandoned rail lines. I'm not sure that's a good idea.

She used a number of stamps , of which the 2017 Lunar New Year Rooster stamp is the most interesting.

We've come to the end, here's the final card for this time. It's William and Kate, Duke and Duchess of Cambridge. I think maybe they're practicing a new Vulcan salute.  Looks like Kate got it down pat.

Eveline, who hails from Hull is the sender of this card. One interesting thing about Hull is this little tidbit - the city is unique in the UK in having had a municipally owned telephone system since 1902, sporting cream, not red, telephone boxes.

This is another card with lots of stamps. I'm not sure what the international postage rate from England to Canada is at present, but this one seems a little heavy . The Great Fire of London stamp in the middle and the Machin definitive in the right corner, I would think these 2 are more than enough. Some reader may know and leave a comment as to the rate.

Well, we've got through another on. With any luck I might just get back here again tomorrow, to really end the month.
Thanks go out today to Narita, Lisa, Alexander, Tamara, Jeannie and Eveline for all the great cards. Thanks  readers for dropping by.

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Anonymous said...

The current airmail postcard rate from Great Britain to Canada is 1.05 pounds. The Machin stamp in the upper right corner would have been sufficient. The London Fire stamp is a superfluous addition, while the four pre-decimal stamps have long been rendered as invalid for postage in the decimal age.