Tuesday, January 20, 2015

Cards From Poland, Germany and Taiwan

I'm back with a few more cards to have a look at. My first one today arrived from Warsaw, the capital and largest city of Poland . On this card we see the city center.


This is a card from a Postcrosser who writes that he is an alien , from a distant galaxy, sent to Planet Earth to check out if there are any intelligent life forms down here. I 'm not sure what Hark is smoking, but he does ask some interesting questions. Here are just a few. " Why do you keep polluting your planet when you seem to be aware you are destroying the very conditions for life and when you don’t even have any advanced spacecraft that could take you to any other inhabitable planet? And WHY do you imagine that such an inhabitable planet, if you could find one, would be uninhabited? Or that its population would welcome immigrants who have made their own planet uninhabitable??? " What can I say ?

Hark used a couple of great stamps though, just from Poland, not some distant galaxy, although that would have been good too. On the left is a 2014 stamp commemorating the Worldcup of Volleyball. It is one stamp from a souvenir sheet containing six different stamps. Over on the right is another stamp from 2014 . It is also one stamp of three in a souvenir sheet commemorating Polish Olympic winners in Sochi. This one shows ski jumper Kamil Storch.


Next is a card showing the Wendelstein Rack Railway, an electrically driven metre guage railway that runs up the Wendelstein in the Upper Bavarian Alps. Construction started on 29 March 1910 and the railway was formally opened on 25 May 1912.

A Postcrosser who lives in the South of Germany sent this card. She used 3 of the Flower definitives , which I'm not showing as I have showed them many times in the past. They are quite common and arrive on many postcards.

Here's a Train themed postcard for all you Railway enthusiasts out there. It is from Taiwan and shows a Pacific T250 Class locomotive from 1935 . It was built by Mitsubishi.

Ali's card arrived with a 2015 Year of the Ram stamp. It is 1 of 3 in the set. Sadly it arrived with a little damage in the top right corner.

Final card for today is from Germany and it is of the Kramerbrucke. 
The Krämerbrücke is a bridge in the Thuringian city of Erfurt in Germany which is covered with inhabited, half timbered buildings on both sides. It is unique in Europe north of the Alps. Currently mostly artisans' and antique shops can be found in the 32 houses on Krämer Bridge. Except for the houses numbered 15, 20, 24 and 33, all houses are municipal property. The building was and is a touristic highlight and a must-see. The greatest city festival of Erfurt is named after the bridge: Krämerbrückenfest. It is held around the bridge and in the old town annually in June.
Friedrich used a new 2015 stamp featuring Ludwigsburg Palace.  Ludwigsburg Palace is a historical building in the city of Ludwigsburg, Germany. It is one of the country's largest Baroque palaces and features an enormous garden in that style.
 There you have it for today. Thanks to Hark, Friedrich, and Ali for today's cards.  What do you think of today's cards, any comment ? 


Ja Optymistyczna said...

The stemps with my two favourite sport disciplines! Well, I think that's not surprising because I'm Polish ;)

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