Thursday, January 22, 2015

A Russian Train, Two Popes and The New Yorker

It's Thursday and here I am back back with another update, sooner than I expected. It just works out that way sometimes, and that's good. I'll start today with another train card. This one is a Russian train , a steam locomotive in fact. Reminds me of that train in Doctor Zhivago, the one you see after the lady jumped onto the train with her baby.


This postcard is compliments of Irina . She lives in Kurgan , in the Urals Mountains in southern Russia. Not that I'm keeping track but The Urals is another Doctor Zhivago reference. Irina used a number of the Kremlin definitives issued in 2009. This was a self adhesive set of 12.


A couple of Popes are showcased on my second card today.. On the left is Pope Francis, the reigning pope of the Catholic Church and Bishop of Rome. On the right is Pope Benedict, who was pope from 2005 until 2013.

This card is from Dominique, and it was sent back in late December.  Posted in Vatican City, it of course has a Vatican stamp. This one was issued in 2012 and features Christopher Clavius, the German Jesuit mathematician and astronomer who modified the proposal of the modern Gregorian calendar after the death of its primary author.

Now the final card for today. It shows the New Yorker Magazine cover for Sept. 22, 1928. In 1928 the magazine cost 15 cents . Try buying a single magazine for 15 cents these days.  Not going to happen. 

A Postcrossing couple from Cologne, Germany - Silvia and David - picked this card for me. They used this often received bridge stamp . I've written about it many times before, so no need to do it again.

So ends another update , bit of a small one this time. Thanks for today's cards go to Irina, Dominique and Silvia & David.  Comments - yes , no !  Take care , see you soon.

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