Monday, March 31, 2014

The Last of March

Today is indeed the last of March, so there's just enough time left to squeeze in one more update before April blows in. Today's cards are another of what I like to call a mishmash. They are from all over and cover many topics.
First up is a card from Kampala, Uganda.  The front of the card says "A city of Sunrise and Sunset". I guess you can take your pick on this one. Which is it ?

David used a nice triangle stamp commemorating Sikh Centenary Celebrations in Uganda.

Many countries have issued triangle stamps over the years. Countries like Afghanistan, Austria, Bhutan, Chad and Cuba, and that's just the abc's of the world. Even the United States has triangles in their stamp inventory. The first triangle stamps I remember were issued by Czechoslovakia decades ago and I hated them. They were cheap looking and it seemed nobody wanted them , including me. Now if they had been from Cape of Good Hope , they would have found a home in my collection, for sure. Enough about triangles.

Next card. This one is from Finland - the land of ( too ) short summers . That's what the sender Pauliina wrote anyway. The cutie on Pauliina's card is Betty Boop. Betty Boop is an animated cartoon character created by Max Fleischer. She made her first appearance on August 9, 1930 in the cartoon Dizzy Dishes.

Pauliina used a new 2014 Easter stamp.

Here is the latest addition to my Aircraft on Postcards Collection. A large jet at Vantaa Airport.  Helsinki Airport or Helsinki-Vantaa Airport is the main international airport of the Helsinki metropolitan region and the whole of Finland.

Sini used a new 2014 stamps, issued 17th March in fact. It is 1 of 2 stamps commemorating the iconic Finnish ferry Finnjet. It operated between Helsinki and Travemunde, Germany  from 1977 until 2008. I have already received 3 copies of this stamp on postcards, and no copy of the other stamp in the set. Both have the same value, just luck of the draw I guess.

My next card is from France and features a poster for the movie The Quiet Man.   The Quiet Man is a 1952 American romantic comedy-drama film directed by John Ford. It stars John Wayne, Maureen O'Hara, Barry Fitzgerald, Ward Bond and Victor McLaglen.
The film is notable for Winton Hoch's  lush photography of the Irish countryside and a long, climactic, semi-comic fist fight. The film won the Academy Award  for Best Director for John Ford, his fourth, and for Best Cinematography.


Vincent used a 2010 stamp highlighting "Jazz in Marciac ", a jazz festival held in Marciac , a small town of 1,300 in Gers, France  since 1978.

Here's a cute little guy, showing up on this card from Germany. My Lovely Teena, who usually glances through my cards when they arrive, thinks cards with people on them are the very best. This little guy is really cute, so I guess I can understand where Teena is coming from.

Jacqueline used a 2013 stamp of the Fehmarn Sound Bridge.  It connects the German island of Fehmarn in the Baltic Sea with the German mainland. 

The sixth card for this time comes from Switzerland. According to Merlin, a Swiss postcrosser, the old time photo shows the Italian port of Locarno, in Switzerland, and a riverboat named Italia. Sorry about the scan on this one, looks like some of the ship is missing.

Merlin used a self- adhesive Christmas stamp, 1 of 4 in this set from 2013. It's a little hard to see due to the heavy cancellation. 

I think 6 cards is enough for today. Still have a little bit of the mishmash left, but I'll show that next time. Thanks going out this time to David, Pauliina, Sini, Vincent, Jacqueline and Merlin for their cards. 
Take care and be sure to come back soon.   

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