Friday, March 7, 2014

Another March Update

Hello again folks. I'm back with a few postcards and stamps for you to have a look at. Let's start with David's recent postcard from his current trip to East Africa. I say current as he was in Malawi only yesterday. His card if from Kigali, Rwanda, the Gem in the Heart of Africa. At least that's what the card says. David's card shows us a Waterbuck, a large antelope found in sub-Saharan Africa. This one is pictured in Akagera National Park. The park covers 1,200 km² in eastern Rwanda, along the Tanzanian border. It was founded in 1934 to protect animals and vegetation in three eco-regions: savanna, mountain and swamp.

David used a 2010 stamp on his card. It is 1 of 5 in a set of Paintings issue.


My second card today is from another  new reader of this blog . It is Lando from Mexico City. His card is an image of  Our Lady of Guadalupe, or the Virgin of Guadalupe. It is housed ion the Basilica of  Our lady of Guadalupe in Mexico City.

Lando used a 2006 stamp featuring  Xavier López Rodríguez, better known as "Chabelo",  a Mexican actor and a TV host who has been working on television for over sixty years.

Here's a card that arrived from Russia, but it shows a Sabena Douglas DC-7C Seven Seas. It is OO-SFA, the first of ten DC-7Cs delivered to the Belgian national carrier. DC-7cs were built between 1953 and 1958. Sadly, OO-SFA was destroyed in a crash near Casablanca- Cazes Airport on 18 May 1958.  The aircraft had departed Lisbon for a flight to Leopoldville (now Kinshasa), in the Belgian Congo. Severe vibration in the number 1 engine forced the crew  to shut it down.   Casablanca ATC was advised that the flight wanted to make an emergency landing there.  At 04:19 a runway 21 approach was attempted, but the aircraft did not touch down. Some 600m beyond the runway threshold at a height of 5m, full power was reapplied. The DC-7 was then seen to climb whilst in a sharp left turn.   At approximately 25m, the aircraft stalled and crashed into buildings and caught fire.  61 of the 65 souls on board perished.

Katia who works in the airport at Moscow used a couple of quite nice Russian stamps, one from 2008 and one from 2013. Here they are again. The one on the left is an Europa issue featuring the Letter. The great looking one on the right is another Europa issue, this time for Postal Transports. 

This next card showing a young lady in a wheat field says on the front  "My Country Ukraine " Let's all hope it stays that way. Ukraine is going through a very difficult time right now , and I'm not at all sure , it's going to end well. Yuliya from Rivne in western Ukraine sent this card and wrote that her city is known for beautiful Amber jewellery . 

Yuliya's first stamp ( on the left ) commemorates the sometimes called  "Forgotten ", first All Russian Olympic Games , held in Kiev in 1913. Her second stamp commemorates the 60th Anniversary of the End of  World War II.

Riga, Latvia is when my next card originates. It says on the card- Riga, Nice Place, I can't argue with that, since I've never been there , but you might want to keep your head down if you are anywhere near all those wires shown on the card. 

Inguna used a couple of 2013 Coat of Arms stamps and a 2013 Iris flower stamp. 

I think this is my last card for today. It comes from the Netherlands. It is a Jean Loup Sieff photo from 1974. I don't know the name attached to it, but "Girl Taking a Nap " seems appropriate. 

Yvette used 2 stamps from 2011. They are from a self adhesive set of 12 Environment stamps. Not exactly the best set of stamps I've seen. 

There it is , another update to the blogosphere.  Number 562 for me. Tune in again soon, leave a comment, make a suggestion, send a postcard, whatever you like , or do nothing.

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